‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Aims at Sen. Elizabeth Warren Over Pregnancy Clinic Violence

By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Elizabeth Warren, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=87230333

Actress Patricia Heaton claimed that pro-abortion politicians like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are encouraging violent attacks on pro-life “crisis pregnancy centers” across the country.

“With Roe gone, it’s more important than ever to crack down on so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care,” Warren tweeted on June 27. “My bill with @SenatorMenendez would stop these harmful practices.”

She shared a link to a Time think piece that alleged that the health data collected by anti-abortion centers could be “weaponized” in the “post-Roe” America. 

“Our medical pregnancy clinic serves client families for five years, providing superior services for anyone who asks,” Heaton shot back on Wednesday. “We raised $250K for a mobile medical clinic for underserved areas, treating everyone. Because of people like @SenWarren we now have to hire armed security.”


The former “The Middle” star is the honorary chair of Feminists for Life, an organization that opposes abortion and stem cell reasearch. Her remarks drew the ire of woke Twitter, but the actress was happy to engage with detractors. 

“If you don’t provide abortion care to women who need it, you’re not providing health care. So get off your high horse and face reality – the Supreme Court did this, not @SenWarren,” wrote one follower. 

“PP provides no pre or postnatal care for women – do you demand the same of them? Should they provide free ultrasounds, diapers, medical care for pregnant women who want to keep their babies?” Heaton replied

“Is it because those places are notorious for misrepresenting their goals and a woman’s options, thereby negating any concept of “informed consent” for a woman’s full spectrum of options? Nah, couldn’t be that,” another countered. 

“No one has ever died from visiting a pregnancy clinic,” the “Carol’s Second Act” star retorted.

When someone questioned what the “clinics” would tell pregnant women with pulmonary hypertension, Heaton calmly explained that the mothers would get “appropriate treatment” at the facility.  

“No need to try and denigrate our clinic by putting the word in quotes,” she concluded

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6 months ago

Deep down, Elizabeth Warren feels guilty that her mother did not believe in aborting her.