Evidence Reveal: Maxwell Hand Wrote Note to Epstein That Minor was “Available” for Him

Alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell suffered a huge blow to her criminal case, when documents released from a settled civil suit with an accuser, revealed a handwritten phone memo to Epstein that a 14-year-old girl was “available” for him, and he had an opening the next day.

US District Judge Loretta Preska released a cache of 112 court documents that contained thousands of pages of evidence from Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s 2016 defamation suit against Maxwell on Wednesday. 

Maxwell’s lawyers had sought to suppress the evidence, due to how the “intimate” details of her life could impede their client’s ability to get a fair trial. After months of tactical delays, a secret husband reveal, and a $28.5 million bail attempt; the release of a treasure trove of condemning evidence revealed why they tried so hard to keep it out of court.

In addition to the memo that Epstien had “no one for tomorrow,” and a minor girl was available, one witness gave testimony about an encounter with a distressed 15-year-old and how Maxwell “stole the young girl’s passport and tried to make her have sex with Epstein and then threatened her.”

Another document showed that Maxwell ordered a group of underage girls to perform a sexually explicit interpretive dance for herself and Epstein. The depraved duo allegedly used sex toys on Roberts, corroborated by the purported victim’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Figueroa, who testified, “I remember her talking about… How they would always be using stuff like that.”

Figueroa clammed up when asked if Giuffre had ever mentioned that she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew, saying it “could be possible,” but he couldn’t “recall.” While Maxwell’s defense labeled Giuffre as “sexually permissive” and an “opioid addict,” claiming she was a “professional victim.” 

But the legal strategy backfired when one of the defense’s own witnesses said they saw Maxwell “escort young girls he brought over to Epstein’s home to Epstein for sex acts.” Another one said she “called him on the phone, asking him to bring over girls to Epstein’s home.”

Maxwell had been held without bail since July, she faces 35 years if convicted of the sex trafficking charges she has pled not guilty to.  


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