Family of Carol Baskin’s Missing Ex-Husband Airs Accusatory ad During DWTS Debut

Tiger King star Carol Baskin wasn’t able to strut her stuff on Dancing With The Stars without stirring up controversy, when family members of her missing ex-husband aired an inflammatory commercial during the show’s premiere.  

The disappearance of Baskin’s millionaire ex-husband Don Lewis, who has been missing since 1997, was a central mystery in Netflix’s wildly popular Tiger King.  

The theory that Baskin was responsible for his vanishing was hotly debated amongst viewers, after several interviewees on the show postulated that she killed Lewis and disposed of his body by grinding it up and feeding the remains to the tigers. 

Baskin has repeatedly denied the accusations, but Lewis’ family doesn’t seem to believe her. During Baskin’s Dancing debut, Lewis’ family paid for an ad to air during the first commercial break in the Tampa and Jacksonville markets.  

The commercial featured Lewis’ three daughters pleading with viewers to call into a tip line with any information about his disappearance. Eldest daughter Donna implored the show’s fans to help them get justice for Don Lewis, “we need to know what happened to our father.” 

John M. Phillips, the family lawyer, questioned if viewers knew who did this, then specifically asked “if Carol Baskin was involved.” The family is offering a $100,000 reward for information. 

Lewis co-owned the Wildlife on Easy Street animal sanctuary with then wife Baskin, whom he was reportedly considering divorcing. He mysteriously disappeared after leaving his home in Tampa on August 18, 1997 and was legally declared dead in 2002. Most of his five-million-dollar fortune went to Baskin.   

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