Fran Drescher Thinks Getting Raped Caused Her Cancer

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Fran Drescher, CC BY-SA 2.0,

“The Nanny” star Fran Drescher believes that her violent 1985 rape caused her to develop gynecological cancer in 2000. 

She said the “trauma” from being raped at gunpoint by a home intruder likely led to her diagnosis. 

“I experienced trauma as a rape victim and for years I really didn’t dive into how it impacted me emotionally, I just kind of got on with my life,” she told PageSix. “I think, it’s, you know, not a coincidence that I didn’t deal with being raped and ended up with gynecological cancer.”

Drescher, 65, fell ill in 1998, but was misdiagnosed for two years, and opted to treat the disease with a radical hysterectomy after the cancer was finally confirmed. While she is convinced that the sexual assault is a direct cause, she also is adamant that “toxic exposure” is behind many American’s ailments. 

“We all have to get out of the chemical business” and scale back our natural ingredients that can be found “in your grandma’s garden” to remain healthy. 

She said that chief toxic offenders include “strong smelling things, wrinkle-free fabrics, industrially farmed food, personal care items that are filled with chemicals.”

“Americans are in a revolving door of toxic exposure, chronic illness and drug dependency,” Drescher explained,” noting that the public should “start really examining what is weakening our immune system, why our bodies are reacting in a way that’s chronic illness.”

Drescher’s hit 90’s sitcom is being rebooted in the form of a Broadway show. The CBS show originally centered on a woman from Queens who gets hired as a nanny for a Broadway producer’s three children.

The Nanny the musical is moving forward at a really good pace. Rachel Bloom is doing the lyrics. Peter [Marc Jacobson] and I are doing the book. We’re having our first official read at the end of July,” she gushed. “I can’t imagine it opening before at least two years, but it’s very exciting.”

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