Home Improvement Star Arrested for Allegedly Strangling his Girlfriend

The oldest fictional child of Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson went to lock up Friday night when he was arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. 

Zachery Ty Bryan, 39, who played husky first son Brad Taylor on the sitcom, was taken into custody when neighbors called to report an altercation at his Eugene, Oregon apartment complex.   

When the police arrived on scene, Bryan was sitting outside of his apartment, while his 27-year-old girlfriend, the alleged victim of the assault was hiding in her friend’s apartment after the encounter.  

Upon investigating, responding officers learned that Bryan and his girlfriend got into an argument that became physical, with his girlfriend accusing him of grabbing her throat and squeezing. 

She also reported that Bryan tried to snatch her phone when she attempted to call 911 for help, but she was able to get away from him, and escaped to the safety of a local friend’s place.  


Bryan was arrested and booked for charges of strangulation, interfering with making a police report, and fourth-degree assault.  

The actor spent his formative years shooting all 203 episodes of Home Improvement beside Tim Allen from 1991 to 1999. He guest starred on hit TV shows ER, Boston Public, Touched By an Angel, and Burn Notice after the long running series conclusion.  He last acted in 2009 and now works as producer.  

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor will not be happy to hear what his eldest son got into this weekend. 

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4 months ago

If he had just had on a BLM t-shirt or an ANTIFA mask, he would have been fine and would never have been arrested, that being Oregon, after all.

Dennis Anderson
4 months ago

Alfalfa is turning over in his grave