How Tim Allen and other Conservative Celebs Hit Back Against Liberal Hypocrisy this Weekend

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

The conservatives of Hollywood came out in force to call out the liberal left this weekend.

Here are their most stinging tweets.

Tim Allen

The Last Man Standing star posted a quote that lists the socialist terms of the liberal left’s demands, including progressive income tax and free public education. Trolling the Dems with the reveal that the quote came from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  

James Woods

The actor called out Democrats for gaining power “by any means necessary,” with an illustration depicting “mostly peaceful” protests and “mostly legal mail-in ballots.”

James Woods calls it like he sees it

Woods also took a shot at Vice-President elect Kamala Harris’ tweet that Biden would get the pandemic under control, commenting that he would be “using the Trump vaccine.”

Terrence K. Williams

The comedian blasted liberals for complaining about conservative’s questioning the election results, “People say Trump Supporters can’t cope with a loss and I say we can’t cope with cheating and we will not give up until we win.”

Herschel Walker

The former Heisman Trophy winner issued a warning to the left: “Our CIVIL RIGHTS are at stake. If we don’t keep our eye on what’s happening, the Government will be running our lives.”

Kevin Sorbo

The Hercules star asked how conservatives could be destroying the country when, “Over 1 million people marched the streets today in support of Donald Trump, not 1 business was destroyed.”

Kevin Sorbo taking social media to task

The actor also called out the social media’s partisanship with the tweet: “Orwell called them thought police. Twitter and Facebook call them “fact checkers.””

Kevin Sorbo’s on fire

He called out entertainers and politicians claiming to be oppressed underdogs: “If you’re backed by Hollywood, social media, the government, and practically the entire globalist system, you are not the resistance.”

Joy Villa 

The actress checked the left with the post: “No one on the Right burns down buildings, loots Louis Vuittons or punches people in the face when we protest.”

Kristie Alley

The Cheers alum pointed out that “the Democrats have created a four-year term of political theater with false accusations. Russia Russia Russia.”

Scott Baio

The Charles in Charge star twisted Nancy Pelosi’s message claiming that the election was hijacked and congress is responsible for protecting democracy, by responding, “for once….I agree with her. Even @HillaryClinton told Biden to NEVER concede.”

Scott Baio responds to haters

He also took on liberal trolls with this hilarious post. 

Diamond and Silk

The podcasters tweeted that the liberal media “will never get us to believe that 77 million people voted to have more lockdowns and their livelihoods flattened!”

Kristy Swanson

The actress responded to Trump’s tweet about voting machine corruption by pointing out that Dems have been angry since his first election, because they couldn’t call for a recount as an investigation would have exposed their own voting machine scheme.  

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