‘Joe Exotic,’ Star Of Netflix Hit ‘TIger King,’ Produces Video For Trump Begging For Pardon

The legal team for ‘Joe Exotic’ the main star of the extremely popular Netflix show “Tiger King” has now produced a video directly appealing to President Trump for an official pardon.

Joe is currently serving a prison sentence after being convicted for allegedly attempting to conduct a murder for hire plot targeting his arch-rival Carol Baskin.

As TMZ reports:

Joe Exotic does everything big, and clearly so does his new, massive legal team, that has produced a Texas-style video asking President Trump for a pardon, saying Joe is not only NOT GUILTY of putting a hit out on Carole Baskin, but he was actually FRAMED.

The video was shot and produced in Ft. Worth, and it features the bus TMZ showed you a few days ago that is wrapped in a plea to spring Joe from the prison, where we’re told 1/3 of the inmates now have coronavirus.

The team is led by a super colorful figure — Eric Love, a P.I. who is now the Lead Investigator and Executive Manager for all things Exotic.

The video makes it clear … the legal team will attack on all fronts. They are appealing Joe’s conviction and asking Trump for a pardon. They’re also pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against a bunch of folks involved in the criminal trial.

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