Joe Rogan Challenges Big Tech’s ‘Woke’ Ideology

Wikimedia Commons, by Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Sweden

Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan criticized Big Tech social media firms for censoring ideas that they do not agree with, including dissenting opinions about pharmaceutical companies. 

“It seems like there’s an issue with many social media companies where they want to censor bad ideas,” he argued on Tuesday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience

“And it seems to me that part of that is because the work involved in taking a person who is a neo-nazi or a Ku Klux Klan member, and showing them the error of their ways, allowing them to spread their nonsense, and then slowly, but surely introducing them to better ideas… It’s exhausting,” he conceded. 

His guest, free speech activist Bill Ottman pointed out that the social platforms are not willing to do the work, which Rogan agreed with.

“So what Twitter does is like, ‘F–k you, get out of here.’ Instagram does the same thing with all these people,” he pressed on.” But the problem with that is then it goes further and further and further down where you’re getting rid of people for just not agreeing with you.” 

Ottman noted that left-wing media outlets have admitted that “deplatforming causes more severe radicalization,” and questioned if Big Tech was deliberately ignoring the data on purpose.

“I don’t think they’re intentionally causing it,” Rogan countered. “There’s an ideology that is attached to all the big tech companies … you have to be what they think is woke, you have to subscribe to a certain line of thinking, and anybody that deviates from that line of thinking should be suppressed, minimized, or banned.”

Rogan insisted that it’s not an intentional act, because Big Tech isn’t “trying” to radicalize people. 

“They’re just foolish in their approach,” he continued. “The CEOs have to virtue signal, all the people that are executives have to virtue signal. They have to say, ‘We’re doing our best to stop harmful talk.’”

“But what they call harmful, a lot of it is disagreeing with pharmaceutical companies, which is just f–king crazy,” he concluded. “These are the lyingest liars that ever lied.”

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