Joe Rogan Claps Back At Daughter’s School For Pushing “Anti-Racist” Ideology On Kids

Wikimedia Commons, by Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Sweden

Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan took on his 9-year-old daughter’s California elementary school for promoting “anti-racist” ideology to small children.

Rogan didn’t name the school, but said that after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020, parents were sent an email informing them that their children needed to subscribe to the practice of anti-racism. 

The school “released this email, saying that it’s not enough to not be racist, you now must be anti-racist,” Rogan stated. “And my kid’s nine at the time. What does that mean? These kids are not even remotely racist.”

Rogan said his children have “all sorts of different kinds of friends,” and never even mentioned race before. 

“So to tell a 9-year-old that you have to be anti-racist, well, then they go looking for racism, they’re gonna go looking to confront it,” he contended. “It’s an ideology that captures people. And the roots of it, in their mind, is that it’s gonna stomp out racism.”

But Rogan doesn’t believe the school wasn’t even excelling at providing children with a standard education, let alone spearheading a hot button issue like racism. 

“They weren’t that good at teaching in the first place,” he argued. “And now here there are saying they’re going to tackle something, not just tackle something as complex as race in America, but you’re going to establish rules that you can’t just be not racist, you have to be anti-racist.”

“And you’re going to teach this to a 9-year-old?” Rogan remarked. “So what are you saying? Like, what exactly are you saying, what is your f*****g end goal?”

In the same episode, which featured filmmaker David Mamet, Rogan suggested that censorship on social media could lead to an “authoritarian dictatorship.” 

“Do you understand that once they start censoring for what they believe is something that’s objectionable … it’s going to keep going further and further,” Rogan told Mamet. “And they are going to keep moving the goal post.”

“But as soon as you start saying ‘I want to only hear thoughts that I agree with,’” he continued. “Well, that’s not discourse, that’s propaganda. You want only your side to be represented, which is crazy, and that’s what’s happening on social media.”

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