Kevin Spacey Charged with Four Counts of Sexual Assault in UK

Siebbi via ( Wikipedia Commons

Actor Kevin Spacey has reportedly now been charged with four separate counts of sexual assault against three different men in the UK.

As the BBC reports:

The charges were brought against the 62-year-old after the Met Police reviewed evidence following complaints dating between 2005 and 2013.

Three complaints relate to sexual abuse which is alleged to have taken place in London, and one in Gloucestershire.

He is also charged with an additional serious sexual offence in London.

The first two charges relate to alleged sexual assaults on a man, now in his 40s, in London in March 2005, while a second alleged victim, a man now in his 30s, is claimed to have been assaulted in London in August 2008.

It is reportedly unclear as of yet whether Spacey will need to be extradited from the United States in order to stand trial.

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