Kim Kardashian Petitions Texas Gov. to Stop Execution of Mom Who Killed Her Toddler

By Ashley Graham - Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham | Kim Kardashian West, CC BY 3.0,

Reality star Kim Kardashian wants Texas Governor Greg Abbott to halt the upcoming execution of a woman who was convicted of beating her two-year-old toddler to death.

Melissa Lucio was  sentenced to death, after she was convicted of capital murder in 2008, for beating her daughter to death in February 2007. 

“[Lucio] has been on death row for over 14 years for her daughter’s death that was a tragic accident,” Kardashian tweeted. “Her 2-year old daughter Mariah fell down a flight of stairs and two days later passed away while taking a nap. After she called for help, she was taken into custody by the police.”

According to investigators, Mariah’s father called the paramedics, who found the child covered in bite marks, bruises, and a broken arm. Lucio claimed Mariah had fallen down the stairs, but that she was responsible for the bite marks and bruises, because she had abused the baby when she was frustrated with her 13 other children.  

“Melissa is a survivor of abuse and domestic violence herself and after being interrogated for hours and falsely pleaded guilty,” Kardashian argued. “She wanted the interrogation to end, but police made her words out to be a confession.”

She also shared a letter signed from Lucio’s other children, begging Abbott to spare their mother’s life.  

“There are so many unresolved questions surrounding this case and the evidence that was used to convict her,” Kardashian tweeted. “This is one of the many reasons why I am against the death penalty – and why I pray her children’s wish is granted and their mother’s life is spared.”

The emergency room doctor who attempted to save Mariah said it was the worst case of child abuse he had ever witnessed, and the autopsy revealed that she didn’t die from a fall, but from blunt force trauma. Lucio is scheduled to be executed on April 27.

The Skims founder, who has been involved with The Innocence Project in recent years, came under fire for recalling how the 2020 execution of convicted killer Brandon Bernard affected her after the effort she made to commute his sentence failed. 

“I was working on the Brandon Bernard case, and he was, in fact, executed, and I remember crying and feeling so helpless,” she said on the Uncommon Ground podcast on Wednesday. 

She was distraught by Bernard’s confession that he was scared he would be claustrophobic during the execution.  

“I’m like hysterically crying, calling every governor that I could possibly imagine to try to stop someone’s execution, and then I have to run into, you know, a Skims fitting, and I’m fitting and I’m crying and I can’t really get my work done, and then I have to, you know – it was just such a whirlwind of a day,” Kardashian complained.

“Only Kim Kardashian could make a criminal’s execution all about herself – and she even worked in a Skims promo,” criticized conservative commentator Jack Posobiec.

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Janice E Prescott
Janice E Prescott
7 months ago

Wonder how this stupid Kardashian would feel if this had been her child this lunatic had beaten to death. Doesn’t she know that child felt every blow, and was in pain till she died. I can’t believe she would have any pity for her. I think they should beat her till she dies, just so she would know how her child felt. Thirteen kids. You have got to be kidding. Scum. Glad the other kids are safe away from her. Give it up Kin. Making an ass of yourself.