Kristen Bell Hit With Backlash For Posing With Los Angeles Law Enforcement Officers

By aitchisons from United States - 'The Good Place' cast and crew visit San Diego Comic Con for a panel, CC BY 2.0,

“The Good Place” star Kirsten Bell was attacked by an anti-police internet mob after appearing in photos with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies on the department’s Instagram page.

In one picture, Bell smiles wide while flanked by two deputies outside of the Lancaster Sheriff’s station, and gives a thumbs up in the other, while posing with a deputy inside the station.

“Today, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting @KristenBell, who was hands down, the kindest human ever. There truly never is a dull moment at Lancaster!” The LASD posted.


“Yeah, I suppose you probably don’t come across many kind people when your coworkers are all cops,” one commenter snarked. “And here is a perfect display of who cops truly protect and who actually feels safe with them,” another alleged

“Ted Danson endorsing Bloomberg and now u do this… Y’all really learned nothing from this show,” another accused Bell and her costar Danson of blatantly ignoring the message of their show, “The Good Place,” which argues that “humans have a moral obligation to help each other.”

“Now all of a sudden she loves the police?” Questioned another. “Why would anyone intentionally hang out at the Bad Place?”

Many of the post’s repliers called out Bell for turning her back on the Black Lives Matter movement, which she vocally supported during the pandemic. “Hey @KristenBell did you tweet #blacklivesmatter cuz this ain’t it,” one person snarked. 

While others urged Bell to research “LASD gangs,” pointing towards allegations that subgroups of deputy gangs exist within the department. 

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8 months ago

Anarchy would rule if we didn’t have LEOs. I’m sorry some people have problems with them. Often they bring it on themselves. (Hey, it’s the truth.) Stand strong, Kristen. Forget the critics.

8 months ago

blm is a terrorist group I stand for the police also antifa is right along side blm