Michael Moore Makes Unhinged Demands In Independence Day Manifesto

Wikimedia Commons, By David Shankbone

Ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore makes a July 4th “Declaration” to give up his “privileges” as a US citizen while women are compelled into ”forced birth.”

The “Bowling For Columbine” director wrote a lengthy Substack post titled “My Declaration,” that aired out his grievances against the country and outlined his remedies for making “immediate” changes. 

Moore, 68, said he was “completely fed up with recent events,” which upset his “tranquility,” and outlined four declarations. “I refuse to live in a country threatened by white supremacy — and I’m not leaving. So we‘ve got a problem,” he began. 

“I cannot in good conscience continue to receive the privileges of “full citizenship” in this land when all of its women and girls have now been, by Court decree, declared official second-class citizens with no rights to their own bodies and conscripted to a life of Forced Birth should they fall pregnant and not want to be,” the “Sicko” director detailed. 

He also called for the end of police violence against and the “mass incarceration” Black Americans. Tacking on that the communities Black people have to “suffer and endure” must pay them reparations. 

“I insist we remove every single Republican from office in November,” Moore continued in his next unhinged exigence. “The Republican Party has dismantled itself and its remaining rogue elements now exist purely to overturn legitimate election results and overthrow the elected will of the vast majority of the American people. This must be halted without delay or equivocation.”

The leftist filmmaker went on to list the actions he would take until the terms of his declaration are fulfilled. Underwhelmingly, Moore started off with the threat of not shutting up about the reversal of Roe v. Wade at dinners and parties, and insisted that he wouldn’t stop harassing Hollywood merrymakers until “51% of Congress is female.” 

Moore insisted that he would use the power of his social platforms to organize a “massive” Get Out The Vote drive and sign a pledge, that in addition to his initial demands, would make “gerrymandering and voter suppression illegal; eliminate the filibuster; upgrade Obamacare to Universal Health Care for All; [and] pass strong gun control laws.”

Moore wrapped his rant by promising to help “lead a national strike,” for immediate change. “Watch what happens when we shut down even 10% of the country. POOF! goes Wall Street! Hit ‘em where it counts,” he concluded.

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