NASCAR Driver Brandon Brown Breaks Silence On ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Chant

Wikimedia Commons, By Roger Blake

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has finally spoken out about becoming the namesake behind the anti-Biden chant “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Brown won his first Xfinity Series race at Talladega in October and he became world famous, not because of his success, but instead over a clip from an interview. 

Fans were shouting “F–k Joe Biden” in a post-race chat with NBC Sports’ Kelli Stavast, and the reporter told the live television audience that the crowd was actually chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

“Since that race, my name has been chanted in literally hundreds of stadiums across the country, spanning nearly every conceivable sport (and then some). I’ve heard my name chanted in bars, at events, in the course of everyday life and even in the chambers of Congress,” Brown wrote in an Op-ed for Newsweek.    

He detailed how he was advised to “stay quiet” after the interview in fear of spooking his sponsors and tanking his career. “I was afraid of being canceled by my sponsors, or by the media, for being caught up in something that has little to do with me,” he said.

Brown explained that his high-octane career gives him very little time to think about politics. “Politics has never been that interesting to me. Though, like most, I have always had the impression that politicians were likely the cause of more problems than they were the solutions.”

But he spent the last few weeks trying to “understand” why the PG version of “F–k Joe Biden” has swept the nation and surged in popularity.

“Millions of people are struggling right now and are frustrated,” he remarked. “Struggling to get by and struggling to build a solid life for themselves and their families, and wondering why their government only seems to make it worse. People have a right to frustration—even anger.”

Though Brown has “no interest in leading some political fight,” he understands the struggle that rising inflation and “$4 per gallon” has placed on “middle-class folks like me.” 

“I have no interest in leading some political fight. I race cars. I am not going to endorse anyone, and I am certainly not going to tell anyone how to vote,” he continued. “But I’m also no longer going to be silent about the situation I find myself in, and why millions of Americans are chanting my name. I hear them, even if Washington does not.”

Brown said he won’t hesitate to highlight the American struggle during the upcoming NASCAR season. “How you vote is none of my business,” he concluded. “Let’s Go America.”

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