Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Tells Joe Rogan That Zuckerberg And FBI Are In “Cahoots”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Stone tells Joe Rogan that by Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post, something Zuckerberg admitted to doing by request of the FBI, they are in cahoots. Waters said that Zuckerberg shouldn’t have his “finger on the delete button” and that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now part of the “propaganda to keep us all in line.”

Waters and Rogan don’t particularly fall into a political party perfectly. However, as the left and gotten worse with their overreach and censorship, both Waters and Rogan have utilized their platforms to call out the behavior of the government.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Zuckerberg, [Jeff] Bezos, you know [Bill] Gates, I don’t care who they are,” Waters said. “They are hugely rich, American oligarchs. I’m sure it’s true of Russian oligarchs and Chinese oligarchs. They amass huge amounts of money because it gives them power.”

“And he’s[Zuckerberg] now in cahoots with the FBI and the CIA and have some cozy meetings with them deciding who to allow to communicate with their brothers and sisters,” Waters replied. “And who to censor.”

Rogan reminded the rocker he had Zuckerberg on his show and they discussed the squelching of the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election.

Rogan said Zuckerberg told him the FBI came to them and warned them about some “Russian disinformation leading towards the election.” In response, the CEO said they decided to “limit its engagement,” as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Waters called Zuckerberg a “prick” and said the FBI could “f*** off” with their “Russiagate.”

“They can f*** off,” the rocker said. “If I ever hear about Russiagate again …”

Rogan replied that the “fascinating part” of the laptop “disinformation” story is that it turned out not to be true.

“Well, the fact is in my view, what’s really dangerous is this prick [Zuckerberg] has any hand at all in deciding what any of us read about anything,” Waters explained. “He should not have his finger on the delete button on anything that goes through Facebook, in my view.”

Waters’ view that tech billionaires shouldn’t censor the masses is a view that most Americans have. Many Americans, at first, fell for the Hunter Biden laptop story actually being disinformation. Reports and seemingly endless amounts of evidence later came out proving that the contents of the laptop were legitimate.  Censorship like Facebook/ Meta, Twitter, Reddit, etc., committed is something many Americans have only heard about through entertainment, but never experienced it in real life.

Having a government agency telling a highly influential billionaire what people are and arent allowed to say is something that objectively shouldn’t occur in a free country.

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