Poll Reveals If Americans Would Prefer Joe Rogan Or Dr. Anthony Fauci As A Thanksgiving Guest

Wikimedia Commons, by Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Sweden

Joe Rogan and Dr. Anthony Fauci are firmly on opposite sides of the COVID-19 vaccine spectrum, and nearly as divisive as the subject itself, so when Americans were surveyed about who they would rather host for Thanksgiving, the results were split down party lines, but one public figure reigned victorious. 

Conservatives have lauded Joe Rogan for questioning the necessity of the COVID-19 vaccine for young people and treating his own viral infection with a cocktail of medication that included controversial ivermectin, while left-wing news outlets like CNN accuse him of encouraging people to use “horse dewormer.”

So it’s unsurprising that Republicans would rather invite Rogan to dinner, with an overwhelming 82.9% happy to have him carve their turkey, while a paltry 17.1% would want to pass the gravy to Fauci.

Conversely, Democrats have hailed Fauci as the country’s “first doctor” of the pandemic, going as far to label the 80-year-old physician the “sexiest man alive,” after cultishly following his flip-flopping advice on mask usage, vaccines, and celebrating holidays during the pandemic. 

His latest 180 degree turn occurred in early October when he said it was too soon to tell if Americans could celebrate Christmas with their families this year, then said he would be spending the holiday with his family the next day. 

“That was misinterpreted as my saying we can’t spend Christmas with our families, which was absolutely not the case,” Fauci remarked

Despite his tendency to rapidly change his mind, 83.1% of Democrats would serve Fauci a piece of pumpkin pie, while a meager 16.9% would allow Rogan to sit at the kid’s table. 

Independents were forced to break the almost tie, and 61.8% of them chose to break bread with Rogan. Out of 1,092 Americans polled, 51.3% would give Rogan a turkey leg, while only 48.7% would let Fauci eat their green bean casserole.

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