Rapper 50 Cent endorses Trump after Biden Tax Plan Revealed

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Rapper 50 Cent, given name Curtis Jackson III, endorsed President Trump in a back handed manner after seeing CNBC’s analysis of Biden’s tax plan, which would raise taxes for top tier earners significantly.

In states like California, or New York, where Jackson resides, “taxpayers earning more than $400,000 a year could face combined state and local statutory income tax rates of more than 60%,” according to the report.  


Jackson regularly trolls the president on social media, in March he posted a jab about how the Trump administration was handling the beginning of the pandemic. 

“You wanted a reality show host as President,” he wrote. “Well now you’re on Survivor.”

Deep Fake

In a viral post in April, he mashed up his face with the President’s. “I’m gonna take over Tv and get rid of anyone who dares to report anything negative about our leader,” he tweeted. 


After Trump’s bleach comment was taken out of context, Jackson posted that Trump was a nightmare, “but I think I like him.”

Biden’s Plan

But Jackson changed his tune when he learned Biden’s policies would hurt his bottom line, as he would undoubtedly fall into the 62% top tax rate category in New York City. “I’m OUT,” he wrote. “F*** New York the Knicks never win anyway.”

After seeing the numbers laid out before him, Jackson posted a screenshot of his television screen along with “VOTE for TRUMP.” 


Tomi Lahren

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren replied, “Welcome to the Trump Train!”

Candace Owens

Best selling author Candace Owens replied with several clapping hand emojis and addressed the tax cuts via Facebook to educate the liberal commenters hating on Jackson.  

Laughing Matter

Jackson’s an equal opportunity troll, poking fun at his own financial situation in a final post. “I just remembered i’m bankrupt, so i’m looking for a gracious loan can anyone help a brother out.”


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John J
2 years ago

Smart man

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
2 years ago

If the 2 COMMUNIST clowns get elected, I have no doubt CIVIL WAR will erupt!

John Skoufis
John Skoufis
2 years ago

He’s doing it for himself but make no mistake Biden and Kamala would affect negatively everyone if elected. The Green Deal, the removal of the tax reduction, bringing back all the job killing regulations will individually hurt all with SIGNIFICANT new taxes and energy costs as well as corporations and small businesses that provide jobs and income. No companies or not hiring or going back overseas means no jobs and wage increases. Wall Street has been pouring hundreds of millions into Biden because international trading and speculation, especially in China, is where they make their money. They will make the misery of 8 years under Obama/Biden look like economic boom times. It will also bring the socialist Marxists like Sanders, AOC, Omar in control of our county.