REPORT: Executive Producer of ‘The View’ Bans Staff From Talking to Meghan McCain

By Jay Godwin -, Public Domain,

According to a new report the executive producer in charge of ‘The View’ has now banned his own staffers from contacting former co-host Meghan McCain.

As The New York Post reports:

Sources told Page Six that Teta is so paranoid about her feeding the British tabloid news about “The View,” that he’s attempted to ban staffers from talking to their former colleague.

“Brian has lost his mind. What does he think this is? A cult, where everyone has to listen to what he has to say? We literally report into the news division. We’re being told not to talk to someone on the outside, who has different political views… who used to work with us,” a source on the show said.

And, for the record, “many of us are still in contact with her,” the source added.

McCain, 36, left the show in August after a combative four seasons as a co-host. Her upcoming memoir will “describe the moment she decided to leave and everything leading up to it,” another source told us.

A spokesperson for the show denied the reports.

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