Republican Mayor Settles score with John Oliver, Names Sewage Plant After Him

Neil Grabowsky / Montclair Film Festival via ( Wikipedia Commons

The mayor of Danbury, Connecticut got even with John Oliver for his derogatory comments about the town during a rant on his HBO show.

What happened

The television host examined the failures of jury selection on an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. After citing an error in Connecticut’s jury selection software, which excluded two cities with a large percentage of minority representation in the population, Oliver suggested Danbury, CT as a more forgettable city.  

Forget Danbury

Oliver’s reasoning… “Because, and this is true… F**k Danbury.”

Oliver hates Danbury

Put off by the town’s railway museum and historic castle, Oliver crudely stated, “Danbury, Connecticut can eat my whole a**!”

But it’s a great place to live

Oliver seems to resent that Danbury was voted second best city to live in by USA Today in 2015. 


Hat City

Oliver also appeared to find it offensive that Danbury was the center of the American hat industry during the 1900’s.  

Final words

He finished off his rant by saying any residents, including children, had a standing invitation to get “a thrashing from John Oliver.”

The Mayor claps back

Danbury’s mayor Mark Boughton didn’t take the comments lying down. On Saturday, he posted a Facebook Watch video to announce that the town was renaming their sewage plant, “John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant,” because it’s “full of s**t like you, John.” 


Boughton tailed the video with a jeer about their new Amazon facility. After Oliver mocked his 2017 promotional video vying for Amazon’s business, the additional media coverage actually helped Danbury score a facility of their own.      

Last laugh

Danbury will smell you later, John.

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2 years ago

Nobody likes spammers and scammers, or telemarketers. Go away and peddle your stupid scam elsewhere.

2 years ago

I have lived among Hispanics for about 26 years now, and I can speak from experience that they will ALWAYS show partiality in favor of their own race as opposed to white folks. And rules don’t apply to them, either. This jury selection with that high a percentage of non-whites is obviously a product of Democrat manipulation. Clever but evil, so never underestimate their ability to manipulate the MSM, Hollywood, football, and the courtrooms. (And stupid people.)

2 years ago
Reply to  kotoc

you are 100% correct

2 years ago

Awesome!! I love it when a republican doesn’t take any sh*t from a hateful liberal.

2 years ago

Naming a sewer plant after John Oliver is far too good for him.

2 years ago
Reply to  wcapurro

The plant may not work .