“Riverdale” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” Actor Ryan Grantham Gets Life Sentence For Killing Mother

Via YouTube: CTV News

Canadian actor 24-year-old, Ryan Grantham, the star of Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, has been sentenced to life in prison after murdering his mother in March of 2020. Grantham killed his mother, Barbara Waite, shot his mother with his .22 rifle while she was playing piano in her Squamish, British Columbia home. Following the murder, Grantham recorded a video of his confession. Second-degree murder in Canada comes with an automatic life sentence, and he will be eligible for parole after 14 years of serving his sentence, per CBC Canada.

According to the DailyWire.com:

But he then considered committing a mass shooting either at Simon Fraser University, where he was a student, or on the Lions Gate Bridge. Ultimately, Grantham chose to turn himself in for his mother’s murder rather than killing again.

Grantham’s sister Lisa said during the trial that the case was “tragic” and “heartbreaking.” She described her mother as her “best friend,” saying, “She was vulnerable and Ryan gave her no chance to defend herself. It pains me to know he was a danger to her life.” Lisa and her mother’s sister told the court they “fear [Grantham’s] release from prison.”

Judge Kathleen Ker called the actor’s decision to turn himself in rather than committing a mass shooting his “saving grace,” while noting that his actions had a “life-shattering” impact on the victim’s family, People reported.

The judge noted that Grantham had been experiencing mental health struggles for several weeks before he committed murder. He had also been looking at violent footage on the dark web, CBC reported.

Ker said the actor was getting psychiatric treatment in jail and was reportedly showing improvement, per CBC.

“I think he anticipated what the judge gave him as a sentence,” attorney Chris Johnson said. “I think he’s pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. He’s a fairly tiny person, and to go to the prison system, I’m sure it’s a daunting and scary thought for him.”

Following the murder of his mother, the next day Grantham covered his mother with a sheet surrounded by lit candles, and hung a rosary from the piano, as reported by CBC. While searching, it was discovered that Grantham’s vehicle contained multiple guns, ammunition, as well as Molotov cocktails – Grantham had intentions of driving to Ottowa with the goal of killing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as also reported by CBC. Grantham has been mentally unwell for some time, and according to his lawyer, Grantham is not surprised by his life sentence.

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