Sean Penn Tells Hannity He Wants a Billionaire to Provide Ukraine With Fighter Jets

By Elvert Barnes - originally posted to Flickr as March16.J27.UFPJ.WDC.27jan07, CC BY 2.0,

Liberal actor Sean Penn set aside his “petty” differences with conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss how the world and the wealthy could help shutdown Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Penn, who had been shooting a documentary in Ukraine about the rising tensions between the country, had initially refused Hannity’s invitation to come on the show prior to the war, because he didn’t “trust” him. 

“Is there a reason you didn’t trust me,” Hannity questioned. “Yeah, there’s a lot of reasons I don’t trust you,” Penn shot back. 

After witnessing the devastation of the Russian invasion, Penn changed his mind due to the urgency of the situation.

“I don’t think that I’ve got time to indulge my lack of trust, which it becomes a petty thing as people and babies are being vaporized, and that these people are fighting for the very dreams, the aspiration of all of us Americans,” he remarked.

Hannity pointed out that NATO and the United States were aware Putin had been building up troops and military equipment at the Ukrainian border prior to the conflict, and should have armed the country in anticipation. 

“Look, this could happen tomorrow also. We could get F-15s, F-16s, and they can fly those with three weeks of training,” Penn replied. 

“We know that from the California National Guard that has had a 30-year exercise training with Ukrainian and we were there with the Ukrainian aviators just shortly before they were pulled out because of the politics and the policies related to this impending invasion, now invasion,” he continued.

Penn said that the United States “really has to rethink” the approach, because supplying weapons at this point are “humanitarian mechanisms.” 

Hannity reminded Penn that according to reports, Poland offered jets, but Biden vetoed the idea, which he believes was the “wrong call.” While Penn disagreed, he said all that matters is that experts believe it would only take two squadrents of fighter planes to end the war. 

“That’s about $300 million. One billionaire could pay for those planes if the NATO countries would let them fly in,” Penn said, echoing his call to action on Twitter at the end of March. 

“One billionaire could end this war in Ukraine,” he tweeted. “By open source, 2 squadrons of F-15’s or 16’s (that’s 12 aircraft with better tech than Russian Migs or SU’s) quickly trainable (3 weeks) to Ukrainian aviators would cost private sector buyers approx $300M. Add another $200M in missile defense for a total of $500M.”

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7 months ago

I do not trust Sean pennhead