The Highest Paid Celebrities of 2020

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

Forbes released their annual list of the biggest money makers of the year including athletes, entertainers, and authors. Take a look at the staggering wealth of some of the surprising chart toppers.  

Kylie Jenner

Not exactly a shocker that Jenner makes the list, due to her high earning cosmetics brand, but her actual earnings are eye-popping, with an annual take of $590 million this year.

Kanye West

Second on the list, but making nearly 3.5 times less than his much younger sister-in-law is the rapper/presidential write-in candidate who’s Yeezy brand racked in $1.3 billion in sales.  

Tyler Perry

The make of the Madea franchise ranked sixth on the list with a reported $97 million in income from his various TV and movie projects.

Howard Stern

The shock-jock is the highest paid radio host and ranks eighth on the list with $90 million in annual revenue from his deal with Sirius XM.

LeBron James

King James pulled in more than sixty million in endorsement deals with Nike, AT&T, and GMC among others, which combined with his NBA contract put $88.2 million in his pocket this year.  

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock ranks tenth on the list with a cool $87.5 million as the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Rush Limbaugh 

The Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient earned $85 million from his gig as a conservative commentator.

James Patterson 

The most financially successful author in the world sold 5 million copies of his books this year for a take of $80 million.

Ariana Grande

The highest paid female musician of the year raked in $72 million despite not being able to tour this year.  

Gordon Ramsey

Despite being Hell in the kitchen, the TV restaurateur made $70 million this year off the 50% sale of his North American media holding company.  

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