Thursday Update: Law & Order: SUV’s Mariska Hargitay Injured, Coronavirus Nearly Killed Salma Hayek, Cher’s Getting A Biopic For Her Birthday

Photo by Gage Skidmore

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:


On The Mend 

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Mariska Hargitay revealed she suffered multiple injuries on Wednesday.  “#ThatFeelingWhen, you go to the doctor, get an MRI and find out that you have a broken knee, a hairline fracture in your ankle, and a torn ligament. It’s always a good idea to go to the doctor. Immediately,” she posted to Instagram. 

She reported that her injuries did not require surgery and the injuries weren’t a result of filming.  

Nearly Expired

“Frida” star Salma Hayek revealed that she almost died from COVID-19 early on in the pandemic.  “My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad,” she commented. “I said, ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home.’” 

Hayek had to be put on oxygen and was forced to quarantine away from her family for seven weeks.  


Birthday Surprise

One day before her 75th birthday, singer Cher tweeted that her life story is getting the biopic treatment. “Mama Mia!” duo Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman will produce, and “Forrest Gump” writer Eric Roth will pen the script, which will reportedly span decades.  


Getting Flack

“Flack” star Anna Paquin incurred social media backlash after posting, “I’m a #proudbisexual who is married to a wonderful human who happens to be a man.” Her husband is “True Blood” co-star Stephen Moyer. “If he doesn’t have a problem with it, why should anyone else?”

One user replied, “I am getting tired of seeing ‘bi’ celebrities constantly advocate for it only to end up conventionally married to men with multiple children, living out the so-called white-picket-fence life.” Paquin shot back, “Ah yes … the ‘you aren’t queer enough’ BS.” 


Bullied Out

“The O.C.” actress Mischa Barton said she departed the hit show in 2006 due to bullying.  “There were people on that set that were very mean to me,” Barton explained. “It wasn’t, like, the most ideal environment for a young, sensitive girl who’s also been thrust into stardom to have to put up with,” she revealed. “And sort of general bullying from some of the men on set that kind of felt really s—.” 

“But, you know, I also loved the show and had to build up my own walls and ways of getting around dealing with that and the fame that was thrust specifically at me,” Barton went on. “Just dealing with like the amount of invasion I was having in my personal life, I just felt very unprotected, I guess is the best way to put it.” 


Royal Pain

Prince Charles and Prince William are reportedly “livid” after Prince Harry accused Charles of inflicting “pain and suffering” on him and saying he felt like he lived in “The Truman Show” while living as royal.  

“It definitely hasn’t helped with healing the rift,” a royal insider claims. “They feel it was thoughtless and irresponsible of Harry to once again shade The Firm so soon after Prince Philip’s death, while the queen is still mourning the death of her husband.”

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11 months ago

he allows hImself to be influenced by an activist.. His mom would set him straight to do your own thinking Harry . It looks and sounds like you parrot your wife….she is THE FIRM you ran from.

11 months ago

Well, it’s too dang bad it didn’t kill her!

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
11 months ago

I’m so sick and tired of “celebrities” spewing their garbage beliefs to the rest of us, as if we cared. Re: the one with a husband and men/women on the side.
As for the so called royal. Pack up your sheeeet and go back home across the pond. We don’t need you here, as we don’t cater to “royals” who are not even citizens. As for your so called “wife” with a ring around your nose, well, take her back as well. We have enough nobody activists here. Soooooo, STFUP.

11 months ago

Hey a&&hole you can go back to the U.k. anytime you want. That is because we have freedom of speech and travel. So take your Hollywood sicko half lack ho and please leave our country. We have enough of our own sickos.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
11 months ago

Regarding Harry, after World War One, some nations simply assassinated their rulers or drove them out by force of arms. The most famous assassination was Tsar Nicholas and his entire family. Others allowed royal families to serve as symbolic heads. Some were stripped of their wealth and others, like the United Kingdom maintained lavish lifestyles for them. Many wonder why they’re still recognized on a planet that clearly demonstrates a preference for a constitutional republic form of government with self-reliance and free enterprise at the helm.

Demonstrating that preference with World War One, all 27 families ruling over the German Empire were immediately forced to abdicate. They included Emperor Wilhelm II who self-exiled into the Netherlands. Ludwig III, King of Bavaria, ran for his life to several of the new nations, returning briefly to Bavaria and finally to Hungary. Friedrich Augustus III, King of Saxony, immediately abdicated and settled in what’s now Poland. Wilhelm II, King of Wurttemberg, received a lifetime allowance from the nation he once ruled.

Grand Duke Friedrich II was forced to flee with his family and abdicate before being allowed to stay and die there. Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig was forcibly stripped of his throne but was allowed stay and die where he once ruled. Two of his sisters were murdered in Russia during the war and the rest of his family died in a plane crash in Belgium.

Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV was stripped of his throne and forcibly exiled to Denmark. He was allowed in 1945 to return to what became East Germany but was allowed to die in what later became West Germany. Grand Duke Adolf VI committed suicide in 1918 when a woman threatened to expose his homosexuality. Two others might have inherited the throne but for the end of World War One.

Grand Duke Friedrich Augustus II was forcibly stripped of his throne but was allowed to stay. He was bankrupt a year later. Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst was forcibly stripped of his throne and forced into exile in what’s now Poland where he died in 1923 at age 46. All the remaining ordinary dukes, princes and other assorted sovereigns were stripped of their thrones and most were forcibly exiled.

Another famous dissolution was the entire Austrian-Hungarian Empire that totally and immediately collapsed in 1918. Austria’s Emperor Karl immediately recognized the right of all Austrians to determine their own form of government. And soon after, he and his family moved to the Portuguese Island of Madeira (a Portuguese island) where he died of pneumonia in 1922 at the age of 34.

The rest of the empire was transformed into the freed nations of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia (united from Slovenes, Croats and Serbs). Poland and West Ukraine became republics. Lands were ceded to the kingdoms of Romania and Italy. Others included Albania’s ruler, Prince Wilhelm of Wied who was driven out and died in Romania.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria survived and King Boris III joined the Nazi regime. When he refused to deport Jews, Boris was rumored to have been murdered by the Nazis. His six-year-old son and heir became Tsar Simeon III in 1943. Simeon was overthrown by communists in 1946. Bulgaria became a democracy in 2005.

The Greek monarchy was replaced in 1924 by a republic. The monarchy was restored in 1935 but in 1967, a military coup d’etat forced the royal family to flee, eventually to England. In 1975, Greece became a republic and eventually, property disputes with the royal family were settled. The family is allowed to visit and acquire property. 

Italy voted to become a republic in 1946 and forcibly stripped King Umberto of his throne. He was banished forever and died in Geneva, Switzerland. Seems Italians hate royalty as much as fascism. Romanian royalty retained their throne through two world wars, two coup d’etats and a communist government. In 1997, the nation restored some property and allowed the royal family to return.

Spain of course was neutral in both great wars and remains schizophrenic today. Its government is shared by special as well as elected people. If you ask the internet, Spain technically is a parliamentary monarchy. In other words, it’s a social representative democratic constitutional monarchy.

France caught on to the royal charade much earlier and executed King Louis XVI, January 21, 1793. Many believe Great Britain would have been better served if the royal family had resigned or joined their relatives in royalty heaven. Makes many wonder why this remains an issue. Perhaps people don’t know it masquerades as socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, etc.

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