Thursday Update: Melania Eviscerates NBC Reporter, Trevor Noah Panned For Cuomosexualism, Rudy Giuliani Hawks Personalized Videos

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

Here’s what happened today:

Rose Garden Gripe

NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss disparaged the White House Rose Garden’s renovation in a recent tweet, and former First Lady Melania Trump skewered him in her reply. 

Last week Beschloss tweeted a photo of the grounds looking very… green. “Evisceration of White House Rose Garden was completed a year ago this month, and here was the grim result—decades of American history made to disappear,” he dramatically posted. 

A day later, Melania replied with a far more colorful pic and a scathing rebuttal. “[Beschloss]

has proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its infancy,” she shot back. 

“The Rose Garden is graced with a healthy & colorful blossoming of roses,” Trump continued. “His misleading information is dishonorable & he should never be trusted as a professional historian.”



After New York governor Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday, “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah tweeted that “New York has successfully flattened the perv,” but followers weren’t quick to forget that Noah declared himself a “Cuomosexual,” during the pandemic. 

“Nah man, you don’t get to jump in on this one,” one user replied with a clip of Noah telling Ellen DeGeneres that “Everyone should be a Cuomosexual.”

“You should love a leader who engages the people and remembers that they’re serving the people,” he gushed in April 2020.  

“You don’t get to slide from this that easy,” remarked another, which Noah took to heart and released a video mocking himself.  

“I’ll tell you, man, all those people who praised Cuomo so highly last year, whew — those people really don’t look so smart now,” he joked, then pretended to shout off-screen, “Delete the f—ing tapes!”

“I mean, it must be so embarrassing, can you imagine if you’re one of those people?” he snickered, then once again yelled off-camera, “Just burn them! I don’t give a s–t, burn them!”


Poorly Timed Premise

Netflix’s latest action film is drawing critics ire over the movie’s premise. “Kate” is about a white female assassin who is poisoned during an attempt to whack a member of Japan’s notoriously dangerous Yakuza gang, and decides to spend her final hours in Tokyo massacring the crime syndicate.  

After an uptick in pandemic-related hate crimes against Asians, the plot has been criticized as a “White Girl on Asian Killing Spree,” and villainizing Asian culture while reinforcing the ‘white savior’ stereotype.  

“Wait…so the premise is this white girl is seeking revenge on folks who poisoned her because she was trying to kill the head of the Yakuza?” one commenter said about the trailer. “Yeah hard pass.”

“So a movie where a white woman beats up and kills Asian people. Yakuza so technically Japanese, though I doubt only Japanese actors were hired for the Yakuza roles. That is the premise of this movie,” wrote another reviewer. “Enough people thought this was a good idea that we’re getting it. Wtf.”


In Defense

Nick Cannon doesn’t think rapper DaBaby should be canceled for the controversial homophobic remarks he made at a concert that led him to be dropped from several music festivals. 

“First of all, I think not only in the black community — and I’ve experienced it — but definitely just men a lot of times, we have that ego. We believe apologizing is weakness when it actually takes great strength to step up to anyone and say, ‘I was wrong,’” Cannon said on the radio program “The Breakfast Club.”

“I challenge all these people who actually want to cancel somebody, and even specifically in DaBaby’s situation, let’s use this as an opportunity for education. Because that’s what happened in my scenario to where I still stuck true to the truths. Cannon continued.  

“[My minister] told me that I don’t ever want falsehood to come out of my mouth, so if I’m saying something that is not correct about your community, show me where I’m incorrect. Correct me,” he concluded. “Not only is that going to help me, but you’re going to help so many other people who think like me. There are so many DaBabys out there.”




Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has joined celebrity video site Cameo to make a living after his law license was suspended in New York and Washington D.C., over voter fraud allegations related to the presidential election.   

“Good news: I want to connect with YOU on Cameo — Now taking all Cameo requests,” he announced on Twitter Tuesday.

For $199 Giuliani will make a personalized video for any takers. “If there is an issue you want to discuss or a story you’d like to hear or share with me, or a greeting that I can bring to someone that would bring happiness to their day, I would be delighted to do it,” he concluded.  



Instagram apologized for censoring a poster for Penelope Cruz’s upcoming film by Pedro Almodóvar, because the image showed a lactating nipple. The post was removed for breaking nudity rules on Monday, but the social network backtracked two days later.  

The company explained that they “make exceptions to allow nudity in certain circumstances, which includes when there’s clear artistic context. We’ve therefore restored posts sharing the Almodóvar movie poster to Instagram, and we’re really sorry for any confusion caused,” parent company Facebook said in a statement. 

The poster’s designer Javier Jaén complained after his artwork was taken down on Monday. 

“This is probably the first image I saw when I was born. A company like Instagram tells me my work is dangerous, that people shouldn’t see it, that it’s pornographic. How many people are they telling that their body is bad, that their body is dangerous?” he asked.

“They say their technology can’t differentiate the context. I don’t care. Change your technology then,” Jaén concluded. 

See the poster here:



“Night Court” actress Markie Post died at the age of 70 after a years-long battle with cancer. She was best known for playing public defender Chirstine Sullivan from 1985 to 1992 in the NBC comedy series, but did stints on “The Love Boat,” “CHiPs,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Cheers,” “Fantasy Island” and “The A-Team,” in the 70s and 80s. 

Later in her career, Post played Cameron Diaz’s mother in “There’s Something About Mary,” and appeared on “Chicago P.D.” and Neftlix’s “Santa Clarita Diet.”

  Kool & The Gang founding member Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas died peacefully in his Montclair, New Jersey home at the age of 70.  Thomas and his seven friends formed the legendary funk band in 1969 and scored 31 platinum albums with hits “Get Down On It,” “Jungle Boogie” and “Celebration.” 

Thomas played multiple instruments including the alto saxophone, flute, and percussion. He performed his final show at the band’s Fourth of July concert this year at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Trevor Moore, co-founder of “The Whitest Kids U Know” comedy series on IFC, died from an unspecified accident at the age of 41.

“We are devastated by the loss of my husband, best friend, and the father of our son. He was known as a writer and comedian to millions, and yet to us, he was simply the center of our whole world,” his family said in a statement. “This is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask that you please respect our privacy during this time of grieving.”

Moore was also known for Disney XD series, ”Walk the Prank,” which he wrote and directed, and was the creator and host of Comedy Central’s “The Trevor Moore Show.”

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