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The Top 14 Most Deranged Celebs Who Want To Destroy President Trump


15. TOP 14 Most Deranged Celebs Who Want To Destroy President Trump

It’s no secret that Hollywood is out to get Trump, several of the celebrities we have here have gone out of their way to support his opponent no matter how ridiculous it looks. Some of these Hollywood weirdos have even threatened the President, not only is this childish but it is ridiculous that politics have hit this much of a low! Here are the 14 most deranged celebs who want to destroy Trump:



    • Madonna, Cher, Kathy Griffin, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Meryl Streep all give really good head. They are famous in Hollywood for their blow……..jobs.

    • They should all be thankful to Trump for making our economy great. People can afford to go see their crummy movies.

  1. WOW – Read their BIOS all of these people have spent decades in Therapy for Mental Derangement syndromes of various orders.
    They bring noting to the table acsept “release of Hatred” against everything that got them to where they were – America it’s Patriotic people and the Current President.
    They think an election free Dictatorship by Leftists will save America – they also think the Fascists of Antifa will leave them alone because they have been useful idiots?

  2. Clooney is a great actor? Wat was he in that was so great?? Clooney’s greatest effort was in the Tequila business. I have to admit he made a bundle.

  3. Thank God they, LUNATICS, are nothing more than what I’ve always referred to them as “PRETENDERS” with mush for brains!!!!!! And i refer to just these few IDIOTS!!!!! There are a lot of what I call good actors without mentioning names because they know who they are!!!!!

  4. The fact that they actually think that they’re relevant and that anyone cares what they think is hysterical.I don’t think President Trump is losing any sleep worrying about what these bunch of self important idiots think about him.

  5. A bunch of has been washed up losers looking for publicity who should silently slink away into the dark abyss of hellywood.

  6. Looks like a bunch of kooky birds to me. Is there anyone of these spoiled brats ever done anything for America. Guess not. Millionsies that are telling common people like you and me they prefer Obama or Clinton two of the most corrupt than President Trump. Two words for all these anti American bastards. Leave America.

  7. They are all angry at Trump for taking their adrenochrome away from them and their child trafficking. Now they can’t get what they need to stay young. Many of them are under house arrest as we speak. They are trying to take Trump down before he destroys everything they want. And they are not the only ones that feel that way. They are all the real guilty criminals. Not Trump.

  8. People, these celebs lived Trump before he ran for office. But once they found out Trump is going to prosecute anyone involved in adrenochrome, pedofilia, child trafficking, child porn, criminal acts, traitorous activities they suddenly turned on him. They KNOW they are on the list for investigation. Their money can’t save them. So they are trying to remove Trump before the public gets a whiff of their activities.

  9. Mostly has beens….Not an intelligent thought between them…. LOL Most of them have money, but no brains,,,,,,,,I;m sure it was Trumpers that made u rich…..not any more..,,you can have your socialist slugs,,,see how that works out……..bml are coming after you slugs…..LOL

  10. This is really a rogue’s gallery of fools. This pack of sing-and-dance clowns have no idea what they are doing or where it is going. As other ignorant people may follow them based on popularity instead of capability, they can be deemed dangerous.

  11. You can’t reason with idiots. What’s the ONLY thing they understand? MONEY! Don’t go to their movies, don’t go to their concerts, don’t by thier recordings. Don’t support them financially in any way!!! When they are no longer relevant, the media won’t give the time of dalay and voila! they won’t have a platform to force their views on others.

  12. As a middle age man of color from a major metropolitan city in the state of New Jersey – Newark, having witnessed fifty years lead by people of color with scare tactics and FEAR! This is all the while as they conduct their clandestine crimes and betrayal schemes out of the public sight. A people that won’t teach you right, surely won’t treat you right.

    • Ahmad, Great Comment! And I am a Conservative Republican who believes that All lives matter, no matter their color, politics, religion, education, etc., etc., etc.! But I want this country to continue to be FREE and not turn it into a Socialistic cess pool President Trump is in NO WAY perfect, but I am 63 years old, and I can’t remember a time when we had a PERFECT
      Perfect president, certainly not Pres Clinton, certainly not .either Presidents Bush, not even President Reagan, (closer than most;-) ). If you think anyone of them or any candidate who has run in that same time frame is perfecr, let me know who that is and specifically tell me what makes you think he/she is perfect? Just sonderin’

  13. You forgot the head loon, MeatHead. Talk about a washed up has been. Lets hope America retains it’s senses and reelects The Trumpeter, I don’t think this country can stand the return of the demonic socialist, a.k.a. the DemonRat party

  14. Do they realize they signed their death certificate. I cannot even look at these actors. They make me feel nauseaus.

  15. Some folks make funny entertaining actors because they are goofy or simple minded. Some of them begin to think because lots of folks laugh at them its because they are smart. Not so boys and girls. Stupid is stupid and acting does not equate to intelligence or godliness, nor patriotism. Stop picking your grubby noses, and get your fingers out of the orifice behind you. You are no political genius. Shut up while the grown folks talk. Trump’s IQ is much higher than the sum total of any three of you. Now mind your mommies or you may not get any supper!

    • Most of these names are on the Jeffery Epstein flight log. They are definitely connected with awful stuff—and are going to be found out publically. That’s what they fear!!


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