Top Ten Most Shocking Revelations About Jerry Falwell Jr’s Sex Scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s life blew up when he released a statement earlier this week acknowledging his wife’s affair with a much younger man.

New details have since been released that have resulted in his resignation as president of Liberty University, here are are some of the most shocking ones: 

Jerry’s Statement

In a self-pitying statement, Falwell alleged his wife of 33 years, Becki, had a brief “inappropriate personal relationship” with an “ambitious young man,” who has been extorting them in a “fatal attraction type situation” for years.  He claims to have forgiven his wife for her transgressions and curiously outlined that their relationship was “something in which I was not involved.”

The Affair

Twenty-nine year old Giancarlo Granda gave his side of the story in an interview Monday. He claims that he was approached by Becki while working as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Hotel in 2012, when he was just twenty years old.  

Jerry’s Involvement 

As it turns out, Falwell, 58, who claimed to be so upset by the revelation of his wife’s affair that he lost 80 pounds, was not only aware of the relationship, he was an active participant. 


Granda asserts that Becki told him that he needed a woman with experience and took him back to her hotel room with the caveat that her husband Jerry “liked to watch.” The former pool boy said Falwell Jr. did watch that day while wearing a Speedo.

Length of the Entanglement

Granda insists Falwell Jr. enjoyed being cuckolded for the duration of his affair with Becki, which lasted seven years.  

“He enjoyed watching us in person and also remotely through video cameras. He also listened to our phone calls.”

Blackmail Claims

Granada also asserts that he is not blackmailing the Falwells as Jerry claimed, just trying to get out of their joint business venture, a Miami youth hostel.  

Becki’s Tryst with Student

A former Liberty University student came forward this week, claiming that Mrs. Falwell gave him oral sex when he stayed the night at the family residence in 2008 after band practice with her son. 

Becki climbed into bed with him and “was the aggressor,” he was just 22 at the time.  


Becki claims that Jerry was not involved in her affair with Granda. “It’s a shame that Christians can’t give us the same forgiveness that Christ gave us.”


Falwell Jr. has been publicly embroiled in scandal since earlier this year, when he was suspended from Liberty University on August 7, after posting a photo of himself with his arm around a woman that showed them both with their pants unzipped. 


On Monday, he submitted his resignation from Liberty University and will reportedly receive a $10.5 million compensation package.   

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Carl Bradley
Carl Bradley
6 months ago

I don’t doubt the affair, Christians are as liable to be guilty of this as any other. I don’t doubt that Jr. watched, and/or participated in it. I do doubt that there was no blackmail, the Falwell’s were wealthy, pool boy was not. It is appropriate that Jr. resigned. Similar things have happened to other influential ministers, unfortunately. Sometimes it is because of a wife or husband not wanting to do what the other party fantasizes about (Blowjobs, for example) Sometimes it is because of voyeurism, as seems to be here. Regardless of the reason, it is unfortunate, but ongoing; it at least started with King David, and continues to this day. Fortunately, God can, will, and does forgive even the most heinous sins, if there is repentance on the part of the sinner. God sees the heart, and knows EVERYTHING.