Tuesday Update: UFC Star Colby Covington Dedicates Upcoming Win To Trump Supporters, Joy Behar Thinks Tucker Carlson Deserved To Be Confronted On Vacation, ‘White Fragility’ Author Says Comedy Allows White People To Be Racist

By Mark Richardson - Flickr: UFC 103 Franklin vs. Belfort - American Airlines Center - Dallas, Texas, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27200804

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:


Fight Night

Conservative UFC Welterweight Colby Covington announced that his November 6th rematch against Kamaru Usman for the world title in UFC 268 will be a victory in the name of Trump supporters.

“We’re going to get our rematch and we’re going to get our revenge,” he said of his TKO loss at UFC 245 in 2019. “I feel very confident in this rematch with Usman.”

“As an American, when you face a little adversity in life you have two ways you can go — you can get stronger from it or you can get weaker,” the 16-2 fighter continued. “And I feel like I’ve got a lot stronger from that loss.”

He said the former president’s call after he defeated Tyron Woodley in September 2020 was a “career defining moment” for him. 

“It was surreal… To have someone who I admire so much, who’s a hero to me — and my idol — saying how big of a fan he is of me,” Covington remarked. “When you support the Trump family, they really show their support for you. God bless the Trumps’, thank you for everything they’ve done for us.”

The former UFC interim welterweight champion is keen to get his title back. “I’m going to get that strap and bring it back for America, for all first responders, all the Trump supporters, and the Republicans out there,” he concluded.   


Racist Comedy

“White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo thinks comedy is a way for people to be “racist self-consciously.” 

“So comedy is, I think it’s an excuse to get to be racist, right? Like irony,” she commented. “And I think TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘South Park,’ maybe a little bit ‘The Simpsons,’ right, allowed white people to be racist self-consciously, right?”

“Like I know I’m being racist and therefore it doesn’t count and it’s okay,” she continued. “It’s still being reinforced in everybody’s mind who’s listening, and so I don’t think it’s benign to do it in a joking way.”

She thinks the concept of “punching-up” is the way comedians should deliver jokes during a stand-up set.

“You want to punch up, there’s very different power dynamics and it doesn’t hurt in same way, it doesn’t invoke a deep deep centuries-long history of oppression when you poke fun at say, white people, but it’s very very different when you poke fun at people of color,” she finished.  


 On Vacation

“The View” co-hosts could all agree that they don’t think public figures should be confronted by fans or critics while they’re vacationing, but Joy Behar made an exception for Fox News host Tucker Carlson.  

Carlson’s recent encounter with an irate customer at a Montana fly fishing store, who called him the “worst human being,” was a topic during Monday’s show.


“Well, I’m against public confrontations like that especially when you are in a hostile state of mind,” Behar said of the video. “If you have something to say to me, tweet it, but, you know, don’t come up to me with your hostility. I don’t like that, but I think that Tucker probably thought that he was in a safe space.”

Based on the topics covered on his show, she thinks he deserved the altercation. “When you are spewing lies that cost people their lives, actually no place is safe for him, and people like him,” she added. “He goes around vilifying the vaccine and saying lies about the vaccine’s effectiveness which is very, very dangerous.”

Behar did mention that he handled the man well, noting that he was “very, very nice about it” and didn’t “become a threat.” 

“He just basically quietly said, you know, you are the worst human being for doing what you are doing,” she went on. “So you can’t really fault him on that end.”


Sports Shorts

Pop singer Pink offered to pay the fines that were charged to Norway’s beach handball team for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms during their bronze metal game at the European Beach Handball Championships in Bulgaria.  

The team was fined $1,770 – $170 per player – for wearing what was deemed “improper clothing” by officials. Norway’s Handball Federation stood behind the players in a statement, but American songstress Pink is the one who plans to foot the bill.   

“I’m VERY proud of the Norwegian female beach handball team FOR PROTESTING THE VERY SEXIST RULES ABOUT THEIR ‘uniform,’” she wrote on Twitter. “The European handball federation SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good on ya, ladies. I’ll be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up.”

The team replied with their gratitude on Instagram. “Thank you so much for the support. We really appreciate all the love we have received. You’re the best,” they posted.  


All About The Olympics

The head of broadcasting services for the Tokyo Olympics announced that media coverage should minimize the sexualization of female athletes after recent uniform issues have been extended to the Games.  

Germany’s female gymnasts traded in their long-sleeved leotards for long-pant unitards to protest the sexualization of the sport, while Paralympian Olivia Breen caught heat from a judge for wearing competition shorts that were deemed too skimpy

In response, Olympic Broadcasting Services CEO Yiannis Exarchos announced on Monday that, “You will not see in our coverage some things that we have been seeing in the past, with details and close-ups on parts of the body. What we can do is to make sure that our coverage does not highlight or feature in any particular way what people are wearing.”

U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapino criticized the media for their coverage of the team’s crushing loss to Sweden in a 3-0 shutout.   

“I know what it is, I’m on social media. I’m not a hermit,” she remarked. “I always welcome the criticism, for women’s sports, criticism in the media still needs to get better.”

She also stood by the team’s decision to kneel in protest prior to the game. “It’s an opportunity for us to continue to use our voices and use our platforms to talk about the things that affect all of us intimately in different ways,” Rapinoe said. 

“We’re on the global stage, with the world’s media, and eyeballs and people’s attention, all drawn to one place with a collection of incredible athletes from all over the world, who care a lot about what they’re doing here in Tokyo in terms of their sport, and who care a lot about a lot of other things.”

A transgender skateboarder from team USA resigned from the Olympics, just prior to the Tokyo Games, to continue a gender transition from female to male.

Leo Baker, formerly known as Lacey Baker, a seven-time X-Games medalist, after going through with “top surgery” to remove breast tissue. 

“I couldn’t be on hormones if I was going to compete in a women’s event, and it was hard to schedule the surgery because my competing meant I wouldn’t be able to have the time to recover,” Baker said, “I couldn’t keep putting myself on hold.”

Lebron James’s company, The Uninterrupted, slammed the Olympic Committee’s rule banning athletes from protesting or making political statements on the medal stand. 

“Rule 50 is a rule in the Olympic Charter that bans any kind of demonstration and prohibits any opinionated political, religious or racial propaganda at the Olympic site in 2021,” the company posted on Twitter. “The only time an athlete is able to speak freely is at press conferences and to the media, but not on the Olympic podium when the world is watching.” 

“Simply put, we see this as a way of silencing voices, and as advocates for Athlete empowerment, we take a stand against it,” the statement continued. “Sport is not neutral. When athletes speak up – whether from a stadium, gymnasium, or track – they start conversations and things change. Give athletes the chance to show up fully and to make change.”



Metal Church singer Mike Howe died Monday morning at the age of 55. The thrash metal band formed in 1980 and released 12 studio albums, Howe joined in 1988 and scored a Billboard Top 200 hit with 1989’s Blessing in Disguise. 

He left the music industry when the band broke up in 1996to become a professional carpenter, but rejoined the group in 2016 and topped the charts with that year’s album, XI. His cause of death is unknown, but he passed away at his Eureka, California home.  

“Braveheart” actor Mike Mitchell, who broke into the film industry after winning bodybuilding titles Mr. Universe and Masters Mr. World, died at the age of 65 from a heart attack.  

He received the World Fitness Federation’s Living Legend Award in 2010, and appeared in action films “Gladiator,” “City of Hell,” “Apocalypse Z,” and “Skyfall.”

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1 month ago
1 month ago

Wow… This group of notes kind of covers the whole situation…. One problem too many people have lost the realization that for life to happen and for people to live with one another, there must be rules. Some laws are against human freedom, and are totally political. But, so many rules that are natural are being fought. I am sure someday soon, somebody will say gravity is racist because it keeps people down.
I could probably find some study that tells about the emotional issues “trans genders” go through. Some things just can’t be undone…
Olympics have been around “forever” and were to show off each nation’s best athletes. The pride of the nation was with the athletes. Now, we have athletes who appear only to get a stage to show their personal political status.
I think it all comes down to HATRED. People hate one thing about something and decide to hate anything that is related. We point fingers to find fault instead of working with others to attempt to prove that what we have is love for our particular ideas. People hate themselves or hate who they are and want to be something and someone else. They may appear to love themselves to change, but, in the end, the truth almost always shows.

Chris Shepardson
Chris Shepardson
1 month ago

Tucker just learned the reason I left Liberal Livingston, MT. That place is a liberal swamp. Oh, and Dan Bailey’s fly shop, there’s a reason you got zero of my business.

1 month ago

Who in the hell listens to Joy Behar. She is a has been with outdated crap. No one deserves to be confronted on vacation or anywhere else, but I pray it happens to this big mouth idiot. Your retired Democrap Barbara Boxer was and they stole her phone. Now maybe we will get some action since it was a ignorant Dem. Hope this happens to Joyless Behar. Witch.