UFC Champ Jon Jones Confronts Rioters, Takes Away Their Spray Paint

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones had no time for rioters vandalizing his community over the weekend. As Yahoo Sports reports:

UFC fighter Jon Jones isn’t going to stand for people looking to vandalize his town. Jones confronted two teenagers carrying spray cans around Albuquerque, New Mexico, over the weekend, and posted video of the incident on his Instagram page.

In the video, Jones follows one person demanding that person give Jones the spray can. After Jones receives the spray can, he walks over to another person, who immediately gives up their spray can.


In his post, Jones asks why “punk ass teenagers” are “destroying our cities.” He urges people who care about Albuquerque to protect the city, and tells family members to make sure their young family stays home. Jones expresses he’s frustrated about George Floyd, but Jones believes tagging and carrying spray cans is not the way to spark change.

It appears that the rioters suddenly weren’t so aggressive when actually confronted by someone they knew meant buisness.


  1. I agree with these athletes who are protecting their property and community. It does not mater if they are black or white or etc. Destruction of someone else’s property is wrong. Grow up.

  2. Have you noticed that every time there is a peaceful protest once it turns night time it looks like white antifa join the protest and get the protesters riled up and start the looting and destruction. This video and the one by the basketball player who beat up the vandal were both of white youth dressed in all black and doing the destruction. Time for Americans to step up and stop this shit and nip it in the bud ASAP. It’s kinda an old expression if you don’t know, it stems from cutting off the bud of a flower so it does not grow. Therefore “Nip it in the Bud”.

    • I’m proposing a reparations bill that we all can support.
      It would be in the trillions….in fact it could be unlimited.
      All young white people, under the age of 30 …..
      or even 40 or 50 (since they spawned all of those 20 year old white wannabe sympathizers, will have automatic lifetime payroll deductions, to include social security checks and any applicable retirement pension checks, withdrawn until they die. Any monetary assets they leave for their offspring upon their death will be taxed 50% to the reparations fund.
      Based on what we’re seeing this proposal should be widely embraced.
      Most definitely, anyone over 65 years of age would be exempt.

    • Thank you, Wolfy, for a very good observation. I have seen that for the last two nights in Oklahoma City. If the city does not stop it, I know Oklahomans will. White Antifa will be dead Antifa.

  3. Handcuff these punks and all the other rioters and looters. Toss them in a medium/ maximum security prison for one month. Let’s see how tough they are then.

    Before releasing them back into society, create 5 member chain gangs and make them scrub EVERY piece of graffiti from EVERY building and structure! Make them clean up the broken glass, the burned out buildings, and anything else damaged or ruined from the rioting.

    Let them know that the next time they do something stupid like that, they’ll go away for several years where they can become someone’s full time mistress.

  4. Just a bunch of little boys ,who do not have jobs showing their displeasure with The Democtats antics the need to grow up ,or be put i n jail for long times.

  5. Pardon me, but, this isn’t WHITE people doing this damage. It is black, violent individuals. It has been going on for YEARS & they are allowed to do this, without, ever attempting to find what really happened to George. It is now there for everyone to see by the autopsy that was performed.

    Antifa is not only white… There are many different races involved in Antifa. What’s the name for these violent blacks that destroy everything, steal, set police cars on fire, kill white innocent people attempting just to drive to where they were going, defend their stores. If you are truly that stupid to think that all this violence was a few white folks, then you need a new brain.

    The only way to stop this type of violence is met it with tanks & machine guns. Once the firing starts, they will run like babies.

    These violent individuals have been approved to do this type of crap & blame it on everyone else or anything else.

    This is the only way we can deal with idiots & demonic criminals. These people must be taught that they are not going to continue this kind of violence against innocent people.
    58% of all white deaths by police officers is done by black officers & not a single word is ever spoken about black police violence against whites. Never, never, never. Do you see sane white people taking to the streets & behaving in the violent destruction, killing, burning, etc.

    No!! You won’t ever see white people behave in this manner, but, they could, since 58% of whites are killed by black police officers. Why hasn’t someone stood up for the injustice done to whites???? Oh, let me not forget, whites don’t merit any type of justice, because, they are white racists. I have a ton of black acquaintances & every single one of them have told me more than once, we, the blacks are the racist people. Have anything to say about that coming straight from the mouths of blacks?

    I suppose you want to give these black criminals as name such as “Christians for God”….


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