Victoria’s Secret Angel Fires Back After Being Accused Of Posting Child Pornography

By Wonderlane from Seattle, USA - Victoria's Secret, pretty red things, random shopping, University Village, Seattle, Washington, USA, CC BY 2.0,

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Elsa Hosk, hit back at online critics who accused her of posting child pornography for sharing imgees of herself posing nude with her 7-month old daughter.

“Wow. Posting a picture where I’m with my baby naked is not child pornography. It’s a normal thing,” Hosk clapped back after a commenter said that they had reported her photos to the platform for the “safety” of her baby.

In the images she posted on Tuesday, both Hosk, 32, and her child pose nude in what appears to be a lux hotel room overlooking the New York City skyline. The caption reads: “Let me tell you about the city where I fell in love with your dad…”

Commentators immediately pounced on with accusations of child abuse and child porography. “How in the world can you think that posting a photo of your baby naked is remotely okay?” One follower asked. 

“You and your child are going to be all over the dark web now, please think about that,” warned another. “This needs to be taken down, wtf. Protect this baby,” said a replier.  

Hosk shut them down in a fiery Instagram story on Wednesday, noting that mothers “all over the world” pose naked with their children and it is up to her if she wants to share her private photos. 

“If some sick person on the internet thinks it’s porn that’s that persons [sic] problem not mine,” she continued. “I refuse to live my life according to or in fear of sick people on the internet. I don’t live in that fear.”

She noted that “skin to skin” with her baby is her “favorite thing” because it creates a strong bond between mother and child. 

“Growing up in Sweden I was naked ALL the time, at beaches, at home, in public,…it was so natural to us and we were not taught that our bodies were some thing you had to hide away in fear of what strangers might think,” she went on. “I think it created a very healthy relationship to nudity and to my own body. I never felt weird about being naked.”

Hosk said the baby’s father Tom Daly captured the “beautiful moment” with her daughter. “If you think it’s porn or a ‘thirst trap’ shame on you, not shame on me,” she wrote. “I respect anyone’s choice what they do with their bodies or what the [sic] choose to post or not post. Don’t worry about the safety of my baby, she is right where she belongs, literally naked in my arms.”

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4 months ago

There is nothing pornographic about the photo in question.

4 months ago

Like other businesses that have gone woke, Victoria’s secret is losing a lot of business which has prompted the shut-down of many of its stores all over.

michael db zla
michael db zla
4 months ago

Hell my family walked around nude when I was a kid too, It’s family for gods sake!

Jane Stacy
4 months ago

really people need to get a grip