Weekend Update: Joe Rogan Tears Defunding Police ‘Disaster’, Dave Portnoy Rips Article Trashing Barstool Sports And The GOP, Olympic Swimmer Says Transgender Weightlifter’s Participation ‘Unfair’

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Defunding Disaster

Podcast host Joe Rogan blasted Black Lives Matter’s  “Defund the Police” movement during a recent show. 

“Cops don’t do anything if someone jumps into someone’s backyard, they don’t arrest them — like, you have to do like $900 worth of theft before they’ll even arrest you,” Rogan remarked. “If they do arrest you, they’ll just put you right back out on the street again.”

He said that defunding the police was a “disaster” and is contributing to rising crime across the nation.  

“Also the idea that you are going to send social workers to handle someone’s domestic violence case is f***ing bananas!” he added. “And it’s a lot of people that don’t understand violence that think that’s okay, and they have this utopian idea. … What’s happening in Mexico could easily happen here with no police presence. People have to understand that.”


Barstool Brawl

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy blasted a Politico journalist’s report on the “Barstool-ification of the GOP,” for failing to mention his small business saving pandemic fund in the scathing piece. 

“This man wrote an 8 gadzillion word article on me trying to explain why I’ve become pop with Republicans,” he wrote. “It included all the 1 sided lazy examples taken out of context people use to trash me. Yet in the entire essay not 1 mention of Barstool Fund.”

“I think the barstool fund both fits perfectly into the dynamic I describe here and was a salutary thing to do,” The article’s writer Derek Robertson shot back. “This piece wasn’t meant to ‘trash’ Portnoy or the GOP, just to accurately describe a cultural dynamic that’s impossible to ignore. make your own judgments!”

“Any comment on that omission?” Portney snarked. “Seems you did a lot of research on me and failed to mention one of the largest grass roots fundraising efforts to save small businesses in America.”


Not Fair Play

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies criticized former men’s weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, who now identifies as transgender and will compete in the Olympics in the women’s category.  

“We have men & women’s separate competition [for] a BIG reason, biology in sport matters,” Davies tweeted. “Separate categories give females equal opportunities of sporting success.”

“The average age of a female Olympic weightlifter is 23, Laurel Hubbard is 43,” she pointed out. “30% unfair advantage! Sex not gender [for] sport.”

Davies also re-tweeted a signed letter from FairPlayForWomen that was captioned: “The [International Olympic Committee] are to blame for unfair rules. We wrote a letter signed by 60 world-class athletes in 2019. We met with them in 2020 telling them why the rules were not fit for purpose. It was glaringly obvious this would happen. Why did they carry on regardless?”


Tournament Cancelled

The LPGA announced they were relocating the Cambia Portland Classic out of riot sacked Portland to a safer golf club in West Linn, Oregon. 

“It was a really tough decision,” said Tom Maletis, president of the Tournament Golf Foundation. “We are frustrated and disappointed about the move. But it’s just something that we feel is best for the tournament and everyone involved.” The Tournament Golf Foundation is the Portland-based nonprofit organization that runs the event.

The private Portland golf club is surrounded by the city’s largest homeless encampment, which would have impeded the September tournament’s players and attendees from gaining entrance. City officials and organizers were working to clean up the area, but could not guarantee that they would be able to clear out the homeless in time for the event.“They gave us some positive feedback,” Maletis said. “It’s possible a solution could have come to fruition. But it wasn’t anything we could rely on and we were not completely convinced our concerns would be addressed and taken care of. As much as we wanted to kind of hang tight and hope everything would be all right, we just didn’t really know.”

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The left, not liberals are ruining our country with their absurd lifestyles and ideas. Need to shut these people down. They are a small part of our population. Take back our country.