Idaho Student Murder Suspect Finally Back In Idaho

Bryan Kohberger, the 28-year-old criminal justice student accused of killing four University of Idaho undergrads, arrived at the Latah County Jail Wednesday evening. Just hours after Kohberger was flown from Pennsylvania, where he had been held since police took him into custody on December 30th, he was taken to the Latah Jail where he is being held in a separate holding cell.

Kohberger now faced charges of four counts of first-degree murder and a felony burglary charge for the November 13th attack on four college students in a town only 15 minutes from his school in Washington. He is believed to have finished the semester at Washington State University, where he was a Ph.D. student studying criminal justice and criminology and working as a teaching assistant, before heading on a cross-country road trip with his dad back to his hometown in Pennsylvania.

In recently released footage, Kohberger is seen being pulled over by a Police Officer. In the video, it is seen that an officer pulls Kohberger and his father over for tailgating. Though after the men talk, the officer lets Kohberger and his father go with a warning. This instance was one of two times the pair got pulled over in Indiana while returning to Bryan’s family home.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, was taken into custody by local police and the FBI at 1:30 a.m. Friday in eastern Pennsylvania. This was on a warrant that connected him to the murders of the four University of Idaho students.

Police had previously said that the four victims, Ethan Chapin, 20; Xana Kernodle, 20; Madison Mogen, 21; and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were each stabbed to death likely while sleeping November 13 in the early morning hours between 3 and 4 am. However, authorities had gone more than a month without a known suspect or person of interest. Now they finally have a suspect being held in Monroe County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania following his arrest.

It was reported that Kohberger was arrested at his parent’s home in Pennsylvania after authorities used his DNA to track him and his vehicle to the crime scene. They had had this link several days before finally tracking him to Pennsylvania and arresting him on murder charges, along with a burglary charge. Moscow police chief James Fry described the process of finally finding someone as a “puzzle” as he had previously stated the department is receiving “hundreds of tips daily.”

It was also reported that Kohberger was a graduate student studying criminal justice at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington – which was only a 15-minute drive from the rental home where the murders took place.

Kohberger’s family has asked for privacy as they deal with the case and have stated they pray for the families of the four University students.

This is still a developing case, check back for updates as the case progresses.

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