Anti-Trump Celeb Chelsea Handler Shares Video Of Anti-Semitic “Nation Of Islam” Leader Louis Farrakhan

Anti-Trump celebrity Chelsea Handler approvingly shared a clip of anti-semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to her Instagram account on Sunday. As Fox News reports:

Comedian Chelsea Handler raised eyebrows for praising remarks from Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, who has faced controversy for decades over remarks widely seen as anti-Semitic.

The 45-year-old comic took to Instagram on Sunday and shared an old clip from “The Phil Donahue Show” where Farrakhan was taking questions from the audience.

One woman asked why can’t “white people, black people, Jewish people” “come together.” Farrakhan responded by saying that “the desire is good” but that reality is the “total opposite.”


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I learned a lot from watching this powerful video.

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He accused the audience of viewing black Americans as “second-class or inferior citizens” and enforcing “black inferiority” by stripping their African culture dating back to slavery and pushed white culture onto them, citing “white names,” the English language, and “white Jesus” as examples.

Farrakhan is a known radical anti-semite, and the Nation of Islam is considered a hate group.



  1. I believe the black leaders like this crackhead WANT BLACK PEOPLE to remain under their thumb. I don’t know of one black person past or present that has been told they don’t matter. Look at the strides! Astronauts! Business Owners, CEO’s, Actors, doctors and lawyers, etc. There’s always going to be that POS white cop or cops, but that should not hold anybody back. Look what Maxine Waters told Kanye West, “stay in your lane. Don’t get out of your lane.” What lane is that Maxine? To remain your subject?

  2. By the way, wtf cares what Handler says anyway? She’s a pathetic individual who doesn’t know a good president, let alone a great president, if it hit her in her ugly face. Minister, yeah right. The only thing he administers is hate. And she’s promoting him? Are you kidding me? That just goes to show you how incredibly stupid she is.

  3. Just another leftist has been, or never was, looking for attention……This so called minister is the BIGGEST Racist and hate monger the world has seen….Back under your rock chandler…


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