Audio Uncovered Of Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel Using Vulgar Racial Slur

New audio has emerged of Jimmy Kimmel, the anti-Trump comedian and host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ using the ‘n-word’ repeatedly and attempting to imitate a black comedian in a ‘black voice.’

As Fox News reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Kimmel, who urged actor Tom Arnold to release an alleged “N-word” tape of President Trump in 2018, admitted years ago that he imitated rapper Snoop Dogg’s voice for a track in a 1996 Christmas album — an original song in which Kimmel used the “N-word” several times.

The admission came in a January 2013 podcast obtained this weekend by Fox News. In the podcast, Kimmel also changed his speech pattern in an attempt to adopt the voice of black comedian George Wallace, in what host Adam Carolla called Kimmel’s “crazy black voice.” Kimmel acknowledged imitating black people on other occasions as well.

Fox News additionally has obtained audio from the Christmas album, “A Family Christmas In Your A–,” which came out of the “Kevin & Bean” radio show that aired on KROQ-FM in California. A version of the track featuring Kimmel’s Snoop Dogg imitation, “Christmastime in the LBC,” has been uploaded to YouTube.

In the Christmas track, a singer mentioned a “fat n—- in a sleigh giving sh— away,” referring to Santa Claus. The song also referenced “n—– in the manger,” including associates of King Herod.

As we recently reported, Kimmel had announced an abrupt ‘vacation’ from his hosting duties. It seems that Kimmel’s sudden departure may have been due to more than just ‘family reasons.’



  1. sooooooooo jimblow kimblow finally got caught and is taking the summer off…. remember the video’s where he stuck things in his pants and had women try to figure out what it was.. pretty disgusting folks.. one said nothing!!! LOL

  2. JK……………you are taking the summer off………..but while you are at it ……………….DON’T COME BACK YOU RACIST HYPOCRITE!

  3. Seeeee ya, Dem dingdong!
    You really should be spending more time with your special needs boy anyway.
    Too bad it’s outta your hands now.
    Let us know how the “Mr. Mom“ thing is workin for ya.
    Actually, dont…nobody cares.🤣🇺🇸

  4. Watch out Jimmy Fallon and Colbert! You won’t be far behind! These tv hosts have done nothing but abuse President Trump for years, and now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. How does it feel to be turned on by those you worshiped.

  5. Can’t stomach ANY of the late night show hosts; I’d rather watch paint dry. Especially annoying is Colbert – he really has a problem with himself (crooked/maimed ear) and his mental stamina. He should take heed from Kimmel.

  6. Now you people are not being very fair to Mr. Kimmel, after all it happened so long ago. I am sure that he is truly sorry for what he said and that he will never do it again and as for the Balckface incident he admits that it might seem as though he is incencative but he really thought that he was handed a jar of sun screen. It is a good thing that he isn’t a Conservative or he woudl be out of a job and run out of Hollywood. I am sure he will voice a complete and full appology for his foolish actions in the past and hope that you will be able to find it in your hears to forgive him, he feels very bad about these incidents.

  7. Kimmel, Colbert and others were FAILURES until they started pleasing their liberal Jewish Democrat masters by attacking Trump regularly. These liberal elitists keep their power by DIVIDING Americans…The funny thing is that Anti-Fa and BLM will eventually EAT the liberals who created them….the media elites won’t be safe from these MARXIST scum…


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