‘Breaking Bad’ Star Wants Complainers To ‘STFU’ About Record Gas Prices

“Breaking Bad” actor Dean Norris doesn’t care that Americans are struggling with record-high gas prices, and he certainly doesn’t want to hear anyone complaining about it.

“You’re not getting ‘robbed’ at the pump,” Norris tweeted on Wednesday, when the national price per gallon hit $5.01. “You’re paying fair market price for a commodity. If you love Capitalism so much then stfu.”

Many of the actor’s 742,000 followers were enraged by the actor’s take on an issue that is negatively affecting all Americans.  


“Thanks to capitalism, we can complain about it,” one person tweeted. “Thanks to capitalism, we can have hope that prices will eventually come down.”


“Easy to say when you have a net worth of 5 mil,” another said about the “Better Call Saul” actor’s personal wealth. 


“You are paying fair market price for a commodity AFTER production of that commodity was DELIBERATELY CURTAILED by current government policy. Which is ANYTHING but Capitalism,” one person pointed out. 


President Biden tried to blame rising fuel costs on gas companies this week, and demanded that they “take immediate actions to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined” products they produce. 


ExxonMobil shot back that the government could enact emergency measures to increase supply in the short term, and could promote investment “through clear and consistent policy that supports U.S. resource development, such as regular and predictable lease sales, as well as streamlined regulatory approval and support for infrastructure such as pipelines.”

Chevron said the administration is to be blamed for the short supply. “Unfortunately, what we have seen since January 2021 are policies that send a message that the Administration aims to impose obstacles to our industry delivering energy resources the world needs,” the company retorted.

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11 months ago

Like every thoughtless liberal, He’s got it backward. Dean Norris should STFU until his brain catches up with his mouth.