Former Reality Star And GOP Congressional Candidate Angela-Stanton King Slams Celebrities For Bailing Out Rioters

Former reality star and GOP Congressional Candidate Angela-Stanton King slammed liberal celebrities for their decision to donate massive amounts of money to bail out rioters. As The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Georgia congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King joined the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss the death of George Floyd, the riots, the Blackout Tuesday social media campaign, celebrities bailing out rioters and more.

Stanton-King, a former reality TV star and goddaughter of Alveda King, who is a niece of Martin Luther King Jr., slammed the celebrities who are donating money to bail out the rioters.

“Why are you raising money to bail out the people that are burning down businesses and destroying our communities?” said Stanton-King. “Why not raise money for the family of George Floyd?”

King also went on to discuss her upcoming run as a Republican candidate for Congress.


  1. Thank you for calling out the Hollywood hypocrite TRASH. May God take away their fancy houses, expensive clothes & make them live life like ordinary Americans really live. Proving to the “Hollywood trash”, they put their pants on just like us. One leg at a time. Past time for a reality check.

    • Isn’t it amazing! The one’s demonstrating to defund or get rid of the cops are always the ones who can easily afford security.

      • Gates, fences, security systems, armed guards. Get rid of them and move into the communities being burned and looted and say you/we do not need police.. we need MORE!

    • FedUp….I am wondering how high and mighty they will be if movie theaters can’t afford to re-open. I am thinking that they may have something coming to them that they have long deserved….to be in the same boat as normal people who can’t buy themselves out of every little thing. And where do they get off spouting all of this awful stuff about our president? I thought they were all going to leave the country??? I wish they would all move to the worst communist country that they can find….then see how long they stay rich…

    • Looks like the theaters will be going under, especially in Blue run Cities which will be a nice cut to Hollywood incomes….and they can thank Democrats for it

      • I wish satellite service would allow us to pick and choose what movies, and series, we want to watch so we can refuse to watch the pictures with liberal, creep actors in them. But they try to put together packages so they can slip in the bad with the good. You have little choice.

  2. Ahh the hypocrites & posers who live in ‘gated’ communities & mansions with armed private security…virtue-signaling, hope their houses get looted & burned-down!

  3. I agree 100 percent ,these liberal idiots need too learn what is real in life and get out of their fantasy world. The rioters need to visit these rich scoundrels and give them a reality check .

    • Maybe their witless guards will run and hide like those they gurard, the whittles nambi pambi whittles uneducated scoundrels they are , sure a lot of them went the universities of the world , but make no mistake they are still uneducated to the righteous ways our forefathers afforded us . They grew up idiots and idiots they will stay!

  4. The Hollyweird Elitists are supporting Criminals , by getting them out of jail , so that they can go and commit MORE Crimes…

  5. The mental dumbness of the liberal celebrities has no limits.
    If the bail money they have donated results in the bailed criminal committing another crime should these liberal celebrities be held responsible for aiding and facilitating crime?

    After all the crimes are committed, and the celebrities live in STATES facing regressive policies in the name of Progressivism being practiced by equally deranged liberal politicians.


  6. You make a great point, and show so much common sense. Hollyweed along with Dumbocrats is the reason we have so many problems. Hollyweed is full of degenerate trash with cash and D,C, is full of crooked, lying Democrats, who cheat their way into ANY win they they get. Ballot box stuffing, dead rising , and illegals. The DNC voting pool. These idiots should donate to the people who have lost their businesses , and ability to go to the market or pharmacy since the terrorist burned them down. Now the Hollyweed trash wants to defund the Police there nd spend the money on health care for all in Califartna. I think it is a great idea. John legend is one the first signers of the letter. Says a lot.

  7. Take away Hollywood’s money. I no longer watch movies, professional sports and as little news as I can get away with. I spend my time in my wood shop making stuff that I mostly give away. Vote with your dollars.

  8. Hollywood blames president trump but these problems started way before trump came into office they were pretty much ignored by Obama and now they hold Obama up like he is some kind of god he did nothing absolutely nothing tried to bankrupt this country did nothing for his race but somehow Hollywood wants to blame trump there isn’t a true word to describe these idiots I’m with everyone else in here I hope they get looted and mansions burned to the ground but we all know the will cry to their queen pelosi for the government to get the money to rebuild

  9. What do the soy latte set care, they have walls, armed guards, soap and water to keep the little tykes away.


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