Left Wing Actress Alyssa Milano Slammed After Revealing Her Mask Hypocrisy

Wikimedia Commons

Far-left activist and actress Alyssa Milano was slammed on social media on Sunday for appearing in a video promoting the use of fask masks while wearing a facemask which was notably full of holes. As The Daily Wire reports:

Outspoken progressive actress Alyssa Milano met with a wave of criticism for promoting face masks on Twitter Saturday while sporting a face mask of her own that did not appear to be doing much to quash the spread of coronavirus

Milano posted a selfie of her family on their way to get a coronavirus antibody test in Los Angeles, California, and all four members of the family were masked, though Milano herself was sporting a crocheted face mask, full of holes. Milano used the post as a way of encouraging mask wearing for health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask”

For many like Milano, under the impression that supporters of President Donald Trump oppose masks, mask-wearing has become a political statement in opposition to the president, so certainly there was a significant element of virtue signaling in the social media post.

A hand knit mask, like the one Milano was wearing, which was full of holes obviously doesn’t offer much protection. Yet this didn’t stop her from attempting to use it as an opportunity to virtue signal.

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