Rainn Wilson Apologizes For Chestfeeding Crack

Rainn Wilson, former star of NBC hit “The Office,” issued an apology on Thursday for making a joke about “chestfeeding” people the day prior. 


“Yesterday I tweeted a mean crack about breastfeeding vs chestfeeding. After speaking with some Trans friends and educating myself a bit more I want to apologize for the tweet. It was adding to misinformation and meanness. I’m sorry,” he posted on Twitter.

“TIL you can no longer say ‘nursing or breastfeeding mother’ you have to say ‘chestfeeding person.’ Just FYI,” he tweeted on Wednesday. 


Wilson, who played fan-favorite Dwight Schrute, was lauded by some of his 4.4 million followers for the apology, but others were downright perplexed by the comment. “Wtf is chest feeding?” One person wrote. “I think he means Trans men trying to breastfeed,” another replied. 


“Wouldn’t it still be called “Breastfeeding” regardless if the person is trans or not,” one fan questioned. “The feeding comes from the Breast, which is part of the Chest. Is there really a need to change that particular word?”


“I’m confused, is breastfeeding not a politically correct term anymore?” Someone wondered. 


“It’s contextual,” another explained about the woke term. “If you identify as a woman that breastfeeds you can still use that term but there are people that don’t identify as such and so the language is now more open to accommodate for them as well.”


Wilson’s fellow Office-mate, David Koechner also made headlines this week, when he caught another DUI in Southern Ohio on June 4. The actor was in the midwestern state as part of his “The Office” trivia tour, when a state trooper pulled him over for swerving and smelled alcohol on his breath.


The offense was Koechner’s second run-in with the law thanks to drinking and driving. He was slapped with a DUI and a hit-and-run on New Year’s Eve of 2021, when hit a stop sign after driving erratically.

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