‘Star Wars’ Actor Says His Conservative Co-Star’s Firing Wasn’t A ‘Fair Move’

By Flickr (Michael Dunn)

Comedian Bill Burr slammed cancel culture and said that his “The Mandalorian” costar Gina Carano’s February 2021 firing was not a “fair move.” 

“I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point,” he told the Hollywood Reporter about Carano’s termination. “They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics. As someone who considers himself liberal, it’s disappointing to see the left become how the right used to be when they went after the Dixie Chicks after they criticized George W. Bush.”

He called extremists on either side of the aisle a “collection of lunatics” that he blames mainstream media for giving a platform.  

“There’s not a lot of people like that — most are just trying not to get in trouble — but there’s this small collection of lunatics — either on the right or the left, at any given moment — that cause hysteria,” Burr continued. “And now there’s so many [media outlets] that want eyeballs, they make money off advertising, that they give attention to these crazy fringe people.”

Carano was axed from the Disney+ series after #FireGinaCarano trended on Twitter when she shared an Instagram post that compared the left’s contempt for conservatives to Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews. 

“Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?” The caption read. 

Carano had previously inflamed woke Twitter by suggesting that requiring identification at the polls could end voter fraud, and refusing to put her preferred pronouns in her bio.  

“The whole thing with Gina [Carano]: You can’t chime in when the s***’s happening, because then you cause static for other people on the [show],” Burr added. “That somebody’s opinion — or their political beliefs — makes people try to destroy their ability to make a living, it’s f***ing bizarre to me.”

He also bashed the practice of searching through people’s dated social media posts to cancel them. 

“I love the whole idea that somebody can go back eight years in somebody’s Twitter feed and be like, ‘What about this?’ And nobody says, ‘You had to go back eight years to find something?!” Burr quipped. 

“Sounds like this is a pretty good person if you had to go back eight f**king years!’ Meanwhile, there are people who get paroled from prison every day who have done so much worse and they’re allowed to put their lives back together,” he concluded.

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