Actor Rob Schneider Stands Up For Free Speech Against Social Media ‘Totalitarians’

Actor and comedia Rob Schneider took woke social media censors to task over the weekend when he denounced their anti-free speech actions as ‘totalitarian’ on his Twitter account.

In addition, he also singled out tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook for their woke, social justice policies. 

As Fox News reports:

The 56-year-old actor, known for roles in films such as “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and “The Animal,” has previously slammed the so-called “cancel culture.” This time, he warned against the dangers of limiting freedom of speech just because someone doesn’t like the content of what’s being said. He even called out tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google and YouTube for encouraging such behavior.

“Sorry to have to repeat this again: Free Speech is ALL speech. Even the speech that you find repugnant,” he began a series of tweets Friday. “You are either for ALL of it or… you are for none of it. We don’t need people deciding FOR us what to think, see or hear. That’s a load of totalitarian crap.”



The actor, who is often vocal about his anti-vaccination stances, especially on Twitter, was likely referencing Amazon removing books from its website that promoted “cures” for autism. It’s the latest major company to try to limit the amount of misinformation related to autism and the disproved notion that it’s caused by vaccines. Facebook previously announced it would hide groups that spread misinformation about vaccines causing autism for search results.



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