Ann Coulter Ramps Up Her Trump Hate

Ann Coulter tripled down on her criticism of Donald Trump Wednesday night, saying that her once-beloved president now seemed more interested in courting traditional GOP interests than fulfilling his campaign promises.

“All he wants is for Goldman Sachs to like him,” Coulter told Fox News anchor Lou Dobbs. “I don’t know what happened. But that’s a different president. I haven’t changed. He has.”

“A switch changed with him,” she continued. “An elegant person wouldn’t have said the things he was saying. It was precisely that he was so coarse that allowed him to say these incredibly courageous things. He didn’t care what Manhattan elites thought of him.”

It was far from the first time Coulter has rained fire and fury on President Trump. On Tuesday, the conservative polemicist unloaded on Trump at Columbia University when she told an audience there that the president was a “lazy ignoramus.”


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