Bill Maher’s Dictator Claims Have Trump Fans Furious

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said President Donald Trump would order people to be killed if he could because Maher argued Trump “would do all the things dictators do.”

Maher said, “He totally wants to be a dictator. It’s so obvious. The people he admires in the world — Putin, even Kim Jong-Un he said is a smart cookie. It wasn’t that long ago he said I’d be honored to rain fire and fury on you. You know, Sisi in Egypt, Duarte and that nut in Turkey — these are the people he likes. He so wants to be that guy who can do whatever he wants.”

“I asked the panel last week, Ralph Reed, ‘Do you think Putin has ordered people people killed?’” he continued. “He said ‘Absolutely.’ I said do you think Trump would do that if he could? ‘No.’  I do. I think if Trump could do that. He would do all the things dictators do. So, yes, that’s very frightening.”


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