‘Clueless’ Actress Rebounds from Lost Fox News Job With Run for Congress

Stacey Dash has gone from teen-comedy star to far-right pundit, which means it’s only natural that she now move on to public office. According to The Hill, the Clueless actress and former Fox News cultural commentator has filed campaign documents to run for Congress in California’s 44th District.

This distaff Mr. Smith Goes To Washington tale began earlier this month, when Dash, whose Fox News contract wasn’t renewed after three years with the “network,” launched an ersatz exploratory committee on Twitter. She polled her followers, claiming that “a number of people online and off have suggested” that she run for office. Just one day later, Dash followed that tweet with a message once again asking her “fans and friends” to weigh in on her candidacy, at which time the more skeptical among them let loose with the Clueless riffs.

California’s 44th District consists of Compton, Watts, San Pedro, and North Long Beach, and has been a Democratic stronghold for the last six years. Nonetheless, the Republican Dash will challenge Representative Nanette Barragán, a Democrat, for her seat. There goes her social life.​


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