CNN Just Defined Trump Voters. Do You Agree?

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria hosted special programming called “Why Trump Won.” “This is the most unorthodox presidential candidate,” he says, perplexed that Donald Trump won the United States’ presidency “against 16 very talented politicians.”

He claims there are four reasons that he can discern. The first is capitalism:

“The economy has been humming along, but it now enriches mostly those with education, training, and capital. The other Americans have been left behind.”

The second is that “new cultures and narratives have received national attention. And it’s worried a segment of the older, white population.” The third is “a working class revolt against know-it-all elites who run the country,” and the fourth is a breakdown in communication, because “everyone can pick their own channel, message, and now, even their own facts.”

Chris Salcedo shot back on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” saying, “True Americans can’t stand people like you, who don’t really give a damn about their everyday plight.” Chris said that when Americans said they were tired of illegal immigration, the left called them racists. When they didn’t want government health care, the left said they didn’t understand — but Trump heard and understood them. He summed up his entire argument against CNN’s special, saying that Americans were “tired of a government that rode on our backs” instead of choosing to “walk on our side.”


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