Columbia Journalism Review Slams Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd was blasted by the Columbia Journalism Review for his incredibly unprofessional behavior this week. As Fox News reports:

A Columbia Journalism Review writer blasted NBC News’ Chuck Todd for “basic misunderstanding of the requirements of his job” this week after the me-first host emphasized the entertainment aspect of Peacock Network political coverage.

Popula founder Maria Bustillos penned the scathing takedown for the prestigious CJR, which examined Todd’s recent performances during the Robert Mueller hearings and NBC’s Democratic primary debate.

“Chuck Todd managed to demonstrate, with uncharacteristic brevity, his basic misunderstanding of the requirements of his job,” Bustillos wrote in the article that was published Wednesday…

“He managed to talk more than all but three of the candidates, even as he demanded that they keep their own answers brief,” Bustillos wrote. “For Chuck Todd, all the political world’s a stage, and he’s the star.”

Chuck Todd is the epitome of a smug, delusional liberal media star, so it’s no wonder he got called out so brutally but a prestigious journal. Are people finally fed up with the liberal media’s unprofessionalism and bias?


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