Controversial ‘Joker’ Tops $1 Billion Dollars At Box Office

The controversial film ‘Joker,’ which has been decried by liberals for it’s supposedly ‘incel’ themes, passed a major milestone at the box office: one billion dollars. 

As The Daily Caller reports:

Joker” has hit a major milestone at the box office.

According to the Hollywood Reporter on Sunday, the hit film with Joaquin Phoenix has officially crossed the $1 billion mark globally…

At this point, “Joker” is just running the score on everybody else. $1 billion at the box office! That’s something we rarely see.

Given the fact people thought this movie was going to cause problems with people, it’s nice to see it having so much success.

It’s good to see that Americans haven’t let the liberal media dictate what they can and can’t watch.


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