Controversial New Film ‘Joker’ Revealed To Feature Music Made By Convicted Pedophile

The controversial new film ‘Joker,’ which has already set box office records after its opening weekend has now been revealed to feature music by a convicted pedophile. As Fox News reports:

Warner Bros.’ “Joker” is taking heat from some critics for using the music of convicted sex offender Gary Glitter.

Disgraced glam rock singer Glitter’s “Rock & Roll (Part 2)” is used during a pivotal scene of “Joker.” Some media outlets have indicated that the convicted pedophile could be in line for royalties, while others have speculated he would simply receive a one-time fee.

The 75-year-old Glitter, who was born Paul Gadd, was found guilty by a British jury in 2015 of a string of sex abuse offenses against three young girls in the 1970s. His most famous song is played during a key moment during Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of “Joker.”

The “Rock & Roll (Part 2)” singer was found guilty of one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault, and one count of sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.

The fact that a convicted pedophile will be allowed to profit off of his music instead of that money being forced to go to the victim, is absolutley repulsive. But it’s the kind of behavior we have come to expect from today’s far-left Hollywood. 


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