Disney Employees File Reports With Police After Being ‘Violated’

Three employees at Disney World in Florida have filed police reports after allegedly being touched inappropriately and molested by ‘tourists.’ As The Daily Wire reports:

Three Disney employees have filed three separate police reports after incidents with tourists that left one of them injured and all of them shaken enough to get authorities involved.

As first reported by The Orlando Sentinel this week, a string of unrelated “inappropriate touching” cases with cast members at Disney World in Florida occurred over a two-day period in early December, resulting in the filing of three police reports with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The first and most bizarre of the three incidents, which occurred on December 3 at a restaurant in Animal Kingdom, involved an elderly woman and an 18-year-old female employee…

The elderly woman allegedly began “touching and grabbing the character’s arms, chest, belly, and face,” the Sentinel reports. “The employee moved toward another Disney employee for help, but the woman followed her, holding on, and then ‘frantically’ put her hands inside the character’s costume, touching her chest.”

Another Disney employee hurt so bad after an encounter with another tourist that they had to go to the hospital for treatment. The investigation appears to be ongoing and the cause of the outbreak of molestation remains unclear.


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