Donna Brazile Slams Trump Ally Roger Stone After ‘Guilty’ Verdict With Vulgar Rant

Liberal Fox News contributor Donna Brazile ripped into Trump ally Rogers Stone after the he received a ‘guilty’ verdict in his on seven charges related to the Mueller Investigation. 

She launced into a vulgar and unhinged rant live on HBO’s ‘Real-Time’ with Bill Maher that was laced with obscenities. 

As Breitbart reports:

“Well, he’s going to be sentenced February 6th — I hope he roasts in hell, that son of a bitch,” Brazile replied. “That son of a bitch!”

“Whoa, hold my beer!” Maher joked.

The longtime Democrat operative continued:

Go to fuckin’ jail. Go to jail, go to hell. I’ve never been so proud of jurors. Hell yeah, thank God I wasn’t on that damn jury, you just worked me up, shit, how do you wake me up like this? I can’t stand that son of a bitch.

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