Dr. Oz Announces That His Mother Has Been Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Dr. Oz announced that his 80-year-old mother has been diagnoised with Alzheimer’s disease. As Fox News reports:

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced Monday that his 80-year-old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, urging viewers to take preventative action as early as possible.

Dr. Oz told “Fox & Friends” that his mother “is starting to forget simple things,” such as the birth of her fourth grandchild.

Dr. Oz said that there are about six million people in America with Alzheimer’s disease and 16 million taking care of them.

“When we have a population where so many of us are already at risk and so many of us are going to live nice long lives, we don’t want to have a nation of Alzheimer’s patients. … You’ve got to diagnose the problem in a timely fashion or we don’t have a chance,” he said, warning that one in four Americans are predisposed to the gene that leads to Alzheimer’s.

Oz went on to say that one of the most effective things you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s is to lose weight.

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