Former Vainity Fair Editor: Prince Harry Has Been ‘Deeply Unhappy’ Since Leaving Military

Former editor of the Daily Beast Tina Brown has revealed that Prince Harry has reportedly been ‘a very unhappy man’ since leaving the military in 2015. As The Daily Mail reports:

The former editor of Vanity Fair has revealed that Prince Harry chose to step down as a senior royal because he felt like he was being ‘edited out’ of The Firm. 

Tina Brown, 66, told the Today show on Wednesday that the 35-year-old felt as though he was no longer a part of the most senior circle of the royal family – particularly after Buckingham Palace celebrated the new decade by releasing a portrait of the Queen and her heirs: Harry’s father Prince Charles, brother William, and nephew George. 

Brown, who authored a book, The Diana Chronicles, about Harry’s mother Diana and her position within the royal family, added that the Duke of Sussex has been ‘very unhappy’ since leaving the army back in 2015, and hasn’t really felt as though he has a true place within the royal family. 

‘I know that Harry has been a very unhappy man ever since he came out of the army,’ she explained. ‘He has felt that he’s this big alpha guy and doesn’t really have a place to land.’  

The reports follows Prince Harry’s attempt to leave the royal family via the so-called ‘Meghixt’ fiasco.

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